Instinct's Top 10 Favorite Songs Of 2013!

As we try to brainstorm resolutions for 2014 that don’t begin with cross and end with fit (not enough time to cruise with that workout!), we search for ideas we can grab onto to improve ourselves in the New Year. Though those efforts are certainly noble, what we really love about this end of year-transition time is looking back throughout the past year to identify how our lives were actually improved through the work, passion and creativity of others. As members of Instinct’s editorial team, we look forward each and every year to cutting out the chaff and celebrating the diamonds that shined brightly in a calendar year's time. The bountiful and landmark year of 2013 certainly made the endeavor more challenging than in the recent past, but these gems stood out above the rest as Instinct Magazine’s Top Favorite Songs.

# 10

“The Mother We Share”


Culled from one of the top five best albums of 2013, CHVRCHES' “The Mother We Share” is one of those rare electronic tracks that prove drum machines do, in fact, have soul. The vocals of Lauren Mayberry, lead singer for the Scottish group, are hauntingly gorgeous, a perfect addition to the synth riffs that flow below her lead on the debut single from the band. Expect the group to fall on this list again in the next few years... (Jonathan Higbee)





"Safe And Sound"

Capital Cities

This chart-topping and Grammy-nominated track from indie-rock group Capital Cities had us bopping our heads in the car and on the train more than any other song that received radio play in 2013. With big EDM and crossover competition across the board all year long, that’s certainly saying something. (JH)





"I Love It"

Icona Pop

Speaking of dance overload, this was one song we couldn’t get enough of in 2013 (moms included, which probably means it’s time to find a new hit…). Sometimes what the world needs is a high-frequency dose of Europop, and that’s exactly what the ladies of Icona Pop gave us. Sure, the declaration of their ‘90s-bitch status may have made you feel old for a minute, but then you just chased that bitter taste with a shot and kept on dancing. (Jeff Katz)







Bastille is hands down one of the best new bands to hit in 2013. While the Brits have known the group for a little while now, we got our first taste this year with the brilliant “Pompeii,” which did for alternative crossovers what Imagine Dragons did with “It’s Time” in 2012. If this one somehow escaped you, watch the music video (with the very cute lead singer Dan Smith) and chant away. (JK)






Katy Perry

“Roar” was an okay return to radio for Katy Perry but “Unconditionally” is exactly what we were hoping for in the pop star’s big 2013 album. The gorgeous single’s gay Downton Abbey-esque music video certainly didn’t hurt the track’s chances of finding its way onto our prestigious end of year lists, that’s for sure. (JH)





"Somebody Loves You"

Betty Who

We don’t only love Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You” because of its appearance in the heart-wrenching Home Depot marriage proposal viral video; it’s also on this list because it’s undeniably a masterfully-crafted pop song. Though it sparked a summer-long Betty Who kick (her entire EP is fantastic), this song, perhaps more than any other from mid-2013, will remind us of the year that was each and every time we hear it. (JH)





"Wrecking Ball"

Miley Cyrus 

On the one hand, you wanted to hate this one if for no other reason than to put an end to Miley’s antics. Problem is Miss I-Like-To-Lick-Construction-Equipment actually has some talent, which was front and center on “Wrecking Ball.” Moody and effective, “Wrecking Ball” is simply a great pop song, and a welcome change of pace when all of Miley’s peers were EDMing the crap out of every and anything they came across. (JK)





"Same Love"

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert

Not often do you get a socially-conscious single penetrating mainstream radio, as Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” did in 2013. Aside from solidifying the Seattle duo as hip-hop’s most active supporters of the LGBT community, the genre-defying single gave hope to young gay kids around the world struggling with their identity. And it gave us Mary Lambert, which is worth the honor alone. (JH)





"Get Lucky"

Daft Punk

“Get Lucky” gets accolades for being both the best party song and most overplayed track of the year. If you’re like us, you’re so over it by now, but you’ve got to admit you loved the Daft Punk-Pharrell collabo at first. The track's simple lyrics and a sexy bassline had everyone wanting to stay up late and get lucky this summer. (JK)







This New Zealand teen became the talk of the music industry in 2013—and for damn good reason! Lorde had a brilliant hit on her hands and “Royals” took over American radio faster than Gaga’s Artpop fell off the charts. “Royals” is the sort of anti-establishment, screw-fame track that we didn’t realize we so desperately needed…a song that ironically made this Kiwi more famous than she could have ever imagined. (JK)




So there you have it! What do you think of our selections for the Top Songs of 2013? Sound off in the comments below!




Blurred Lines was the #1 song of 2013
Royals is annoying not #1


Excuse me, but the 14 songs on Beyoncé's self-titled album are the `top 14 songs of 2013.


dont agree at all


I'm glad CHVRCHES is getting the recognition they deserve...I got their album recently, and there is not one bad song on it.

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