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Model Gets Naked For Sexy Miley Cyrus 'Adore You' Parody (NSFW)

We adore EVERYTHING about this. 

Check out Bryan Hawn's sexy naked "Adore You" parody video of Miley's latest hit! (And watch as he shows off his best ASSet.)

Yes, please.

Hope it doesn't get pulled from YouTube!

How's it stack up against Miley's original?? Like we even have to ask...


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Why are so many people taking this video soooooooooo seriously?!?!?!? It's a it's suppose to be OVER-THE-TOP Just sit back and enjoy......the chest, the abs, and that ASS is BEYOND would even turn a str8 man!!!

ill definitely come back to check all other contents Grateful I found this site ​<a href=“”>adore you!</a>

I believe he does these videos to support the costs of keeping and maintaining his wild pet hyena. From what I understand, those wild animals live 16-25 years and if Jake (the pet) is now 4 years old (from his most current uploaded video) then he is going to have to keep supplementing his income to support this animal.

I'm not here to judge anyone. He does have a nice body but his online replies, comments and blogs, etc come across as being "too distant" with others. Even his mother said (animal planet documentary) that Bryan was a strange child and stuck to himself from people. Nonetheless, he deserves all the goodness Life can offer him because he has worked hard to create a platform for himself of "whatever it is" and that in it self is worth giving him the respect due regardless with or without clothes on. Really.

What I would like to know, if anyone can share please, is that I see that his youtubes offer a direct link to his own "paid website" for private members. I clicked to go there, cannot enter unless you pay with PayPal but according to that paid service, if purchased, the member agrees to "automatic monthly billing" via PayPal or your credit card used. That's fine. Not a problem but I did not pay to enter. Is there anyone here that HAS JOINED to share with us if Bryan offers "more in PRIVATE than the public viewing" for paid members please? If so, what is shown and why should we pay to see more (in private) if any? I do support his way of marketing himself because it does create revenue but I hope he is making enough money to SUPPORT Jake (his caged hyena) because that animal really should have deserved being in his own comfort zone out in the wild. Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to some replies that do PAY to SUBSCRIBE to his him privately in his website. Bye, Richard

heh every video on his youtube is pretty much naked. but i love every minute of it. 

dat assssss. 

the top that..   anyone(cause he'd turn anyone into a top) that gets their hands on that ass is the luckiest man alive. 


I love people who can laugh at themselves. Bryan is one of them.

Great video you look amazing Bryan!!! Best naked male parody video I've seen I believe you did it better then Miley congrats!! 

the models name is Bryan Hawn. His talent is limitless. check out his facebook page and you will be a believer. and a nice person........

could be a slideshow without fade out fade in every 10 frames. he very boring and not good at changing scenes 

Wishing I could see more of him

Sex with him would be totally boring. He only knows 2 positions. Hot, but that is all there is.

Silly and very pedestrian drag-queen like performance.

Awesome job on the parody and yeah, totally a beautiful man with a  doooooooable body,LOL!

But some of these posts are embarrassing for the writers.   -:(OMG!

Hallalujer! I wish I was that pillow!!

happy new year

Um.... I need his ass workout ASAP!!!!

You can get it online... it's called The List. I think he came out with a newer version this year too :)

How sad to see how many of you take something like this video and launch attacks towards the guy in it as well as to each other. Everyone gets all fired up when something is said against gays and lesbians but the same people will stand there and attack their own for NO REASON!! How do you expect others to respect you for who you are, when you can't respect others for who they are!

Reminds me, I need to get softer light bulbs from Home Depot... Oh the vid, yup he's cute...

Poor pillow!

Pure narcissism 

Not great,  Great body.  but thats it.

He's simply HOT. There's no denying it. Haters can go F themselves with a huge ass dildo!

hes fit and id totaly get

I bet he hasn't met a mirror he doesn't love.

Enh, if I looked like that I wouldn't have either.  But I see nothing wrong with being happy with your appearance anyhow.  The shame is that we all aren't.

Where the fuck is the hair on him? 

On his head where it should be and most men don't have it anymore! LOL!!

where it matters

Well, he kept his armpit hair, at least, so that he would not look like he is 11.

I don't think 11 year olds have that kind of body.

I actually got The List 360 as well. Phenomenal book. Lost 15 pounds of fat tissue in the first 2 weeks. It's a little expensive but worth it in my opinion.

That ass is crazy... I can't take my eyes off of it :)

ok... half of the people commenting are retarded. Have you guys not seen the original. It's a parody. All Miley does is roll around the bed for 4 minutes in love with herself. The fact that you are taking the video serious just means you missed the point of the parody.

and to those of you that want to pretend for 2 seconds that you are bored watching this either 1. you are blind, or 2. you don't have a functioning penis.

The same fuckers that are bitching are probably trying to rub one out to this. lol

Thank you. But please don't use the word just isn't cool.

I'm not terribly impressed with the song.  The model was paid well for his physique; but that's all.  It is obvious he has NO TALENT for singing; or acting.

Really! ) Reallllllly! Are ya kidding me right now!

Dude were you born this stupid? You clearly don't see that it is Miley frikking Cyrus singing and he's just lip-synching do you? or are you just hating cas you don't lift like the other dudes on here? Either way please go check your eyes and ears before commenting.Peace. 
Oh and I'm sure you could act better, that's why you aren't.

This guy wants it up da butt so bad, a nice 10" would fill that hot butt.

I was amazed for the 1st 10 seconds , then got bored ! yes sexy body and nice bed sheets, yet the modle was too boring to watch it through!

agreed...maybe if it was a shot-for-shot of her video it would be more interesting.  Oh and stop looking at yourself while you flex, it's a dead give away to your vanity.

Oh please dude, just because you don't lift and maybe fat as f*** don't hate on him. You could watch a shot-for-shot video of a 13 yr old looking boney ass no breast, retarded girl? Says a lot about your tastes. I'm done.Bye


I thought it was just me.. I felt the same way..

I am not of fan this Miley girl but the guy is Hot and a nice ass

I've actually been doing his ass workouts from his newest book The List 360 for the past 3 months and my ass is now a perfect bubble. The guy knows what he's doing. I can't believe how good my ass looks in jeans now too. Love it!

Great body...check. Incredible arse...check. Sexy...not even. He doesn't even look like he's enjoying touching his own beautiful body. So not sexy.

I think this guy is just trying to sell ass workout books?

Randy! You are such a ridiculous ARSEHOLE!!!!!

Gays are soo FICKLE!  Personally, all I could think of is how much I love eating CAKE!!! 

There is Love eating CAKE and eating Cake until your obese. Don't hate on all the gays because some might be fickle, like a lot of straight men. Gay men tend to be a lot healthier. A lot of pbese people simply use the "vanity card" to justify being lazy.

A man lip syncing a bad song by a female - not hot, at all.  This is worse than drag.  Yuck.

A guy lip syncing a bad song by a woman - not hot.  This is worse than the drag queens.

He's the Sexy hyena guy!

It's not a parody.  Parodies are supposed to be funny.  It's more like a re-creation.

Exactly.  He doesn't know what a parody is if he's calling it a parody.

Parody: any humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event, etc.

There is no humor.  He's got a great body and an amazing ass, but there's no humor.

well.....i did enjoy the first few minutes.....but after that it got kinda boring. I was hoping for a little more creativity, but then again, that would not be such a parody after all. The original video put me to sleep. 

MY MY MY would have a very hard time leaving that bedroom !!!!!!!!!!  ROBERTO


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This is not a parody. It is a tribute. Very nicely done. Haters be hatin'

his butt cheeks don't even touch....eww

Don't even find him attractive ... so tired of seeing only this kind of guy stereotyping the gay male.  There are a great many of us who do not look like this, who do not care about eye candy, who like a normal looking to even heavier guy.  When are gay men going to wake up and realize this kind of guy is not all there is?

It's true that there are a lot of great guys out there that don't necessarily have a body like this guy. That said, it doesn't mean I want to see a five minute video of them rolling around in sheets and touching themselves.


Beats the original hands down :-)

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!! This is how you do a Miley parody!!!!!!!!!

It won't get pulled off the You Tube because video does not contain so called frontal nudity. 

better then miley


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