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CNN's Don Lemon On Why Coming Out As Gay Is Still A Very Big Deal

In the wake Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts coming out over the weekend, CNN's Don Lemon has spoken out very eloquently on why coming out as gay is still a very big deal. 

Watch his powerful commentary:

Lemon says, in part:

"I can't speak for Robin Roberts, nor any of my recently out gay colleagues, I didn't do it sooner because I was afraid of losing my livelihood. I was afraid that you would no longer watch me. I was afraid of people like Phil Robertson, who claim to love everyone while simultaneously thinking that everyone's love isn't equal. The people who use religion and scripture to shield bigotry now toward gays and in the past toward women and African Americans. Hopefully for Robin, like me, empowerment quickly replaced fear once I did come out. And if people like Phil Robertson are deserving of keeping their platforms and are even defended and celebrated, then people like Don Lemon, or Thomas Roberts, or Rachel Maddow, or Sam Champion, or Anderson Cooper, or Robin Roberts are also deserving of their platforms and should be celebrated as well. That's why it's still important to come out and say very simply, 'I'm gay'."

Very well put. 

What do you think of Lemon's statement, Instincters?


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Thank  you DON for that excellent point ........power to truth over ignorance

excellent speech!


This is what we need more of to educate the public about us. Very well said.

Well said!

More than anything, I think it is so important for our gay kids & youth to have positive role models.  There were none when I was growing up, that I was aware of.  Gay was a dirty word in my parents house & it was used with venom & disgust.  My family, & I, had a very small point of reference.  The only gay people we saw on TV were there to be the butt of a joke & were generally caricatures to be ridiculed, or sneered at.

Everybody that is LGBT should come out & be proud of who they are, especially actors, sports figures, politicians & other public figures & celebrities.  People need to see how diverse a community we are & young LGBT kids growing up, need to see that what they are not alone & that LGBT people are as capable & interesting & worthy as anyone else.

Celebrities stay in the closet, using excuses like - my sexuality is no-one's business.  It has nothing to do with what I do.  I am a private person - I think that these excuses are cowardly & selfish.  The truth is that they are afraid that people, the public, their fans & their employers will turn on them & they will have less chances to succeed in an already very competitive world.  This fear is understandable, but I believe that no-one can ever reach their full potential when they are living a life that is based on lies. 

The celebrated & revered must consider the millions of young people growing up LGBT  & they must know that every time a new actor, or sports star, or other celebrity, or notable reveals the truth about their sexuality, it gets a little easier for the next generation.

If I had a platform.  If I could get people's attention, my message would be this:

Come out, be proud, share your stories, educate those who don't understand & save the next LGBT generation.  We should not have to hide who we are, or make excuses, or apologies for ourselves.  We still have a long way to go.

Congratulations Robin Roberts.  Well done.

Very well said yourself Dave! 

Absolutely agree. Similar story. Afraid back then, but not anymore. Out late and prod.


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