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Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Responds To Gay Rumors

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke out for the first time on the gay rumors that were swirling through the interwebs this week.

Mercury News reports:

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, appearing on his weekly radio show ahead of Sunday’s playoff rematch with the 49ers, disputed recent Internet rumors that he is gay.

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay,” Rodgers said Tuesday on 540 ESPN Milwaukee. “I really, really like women. That’s all I can really say about that.”


“There’s always going to be silly stuff out there in the media which you can’t worry too much about, and I don’t,” Rodgers said. “So, just, keep on trucking. I think professional should be professional, and personal is personal.”

Does that settle it, Instincters?


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Forget this guy. What about that fuzzy, funny "The Yankee Marshal" on youtube? He is so friggun cute!  <Blush>

More sports figures would need to come out as a good example of how society can be inclusive. It would be good for teens, others who are close minded and it would remove a huge pressure on themselves. Go and claim your love and your life. Light up the closet man! 

He probably is gay. So what. He will come out eventually. It takes time for some people to accept it. Especially, overly paid sports figures! He not only fears losing lucrative endorsements but maybe his job! That's the way things go. Still.

I support you, Aaron Rodgers, and you're very hot!

I hope you do the right thing.

He probably is gay. So what. He will come out eventually. It takes time for some people to accept it. Especially, overly paid sports figures! He not only fears losing lucrative endorsements but maybe his job! That's the way things go. Still.

I support you, Aaron Rodgers, and you're very hot!


Perhaps it doesn't matter, but look at how many people are discussing it.

That means something, right?

Why is it so important if he is gay or not? What is wrong with these people? What difference does it make? People are coming out everywhere, and that is fine. If he says he is not gay, great. Leave him alone. And guess what, if he is gay, that's fine too!!! Get over it and move on!

He's not gay.  If he were gay, we would know about it, right?  When you draw the line at personal is personal, not so much.  He may or may not be gay, but if he says he is not we should take him at his word and let it go, n'est pas?

FACTS: His "personal assistant" (boyfriend???), of 7 years, who lived with him the entire time, and was ALWAYS by his side when attending events or seen in public (with a complete absence of girlfriends in either of their lives) began a twitter feed when they "broke up", eluding to the fact he was upset because Rodgers would not publicly declare their relationship!!! This is what started the whole thing...

He ain't gay

I too really, really, really like women.  I was married. I have two kids. Grand kids.  That does NOT tie a knot in the wiener! He may not be the classic "gay", but with the rumors that are flying around, they started somehow, somewher by someone.  Typically where there is smoke, there is fire.  MANY public figures say they are not gay, and later decide to be honest with themselves, and the world.  Look around at all the public figures that claimed they were not gay until solid proof came out that they were indeed gay.  Really, who cares! If they do not want to come out, we will wait until the decide to quit hiding.  Even getting married does not mean that are not gay, even having children,does not change anything.  Just wait and see.  It will happen.  Think about TV personalities, movie stars, sports figures, wall street types.  Just a matter of time. 

Personally I think we trivialize youth suicides, gay or straight, if we believe that a gay kid is going to hold on to life because a quarterback comes out of the closet. LGBT kids need confidants and while celebrities coming out might help, it would hardly solve the problem.

Now where I do see a quarterback coming out would be helpful would be in changing attitudes of straight athletes.

We must change the perspective, look at the big picture... It's not just about Rodgers... It is much much bigger. Everything we do has an impact on those that come after us.  A gay kid will hold in to life when we as adults set an example to continue to be brave enough to be who we really are. As more and more of the "tribe" take their power back and recognize it is a blessing and an honor from above to be LGBTQ a shift will occur and it WILL change the lives of children who struggle with their sexuality.

I'm saddened when I continue to see younger gays or others who are in positions where they personally are outed or forced out. As an executive in a reasonably important role, I have sustained a split between personal and professional. I do not what to know who is sleeping with whom. I do not care. In the professional world, if you can do your job and do it better than the next person great rewards should come your way. Bring sexual orientation to the forefront has been a political and workplace flaw in my opinion. I do not support the clicks that get formed. I do not sponsor through work any efforts that draw the focus away from job performance. By having clear standards and expectation everyone can and should expect equal treatment. Aaron Rodgers is a highly talented professional football player and I have no interest in who he sleeps with, fantasies about, or has emotional ties with. It is none of my business unless Aaron personally decides it is my business. Those public figures who come out as part of their identity as role models are indeed just that. But let's stop the artificial pressure to get every gay person out of the closet or out in public. 

You guys are kidding right? Of course we should care!! Not to gossip about it and/or "out" Rodgers or anyone else, but the more men and women stand up and own their authenticity the better this world becomes! Whether it is sexuality or not! YES, he has to do it in his own time... But many LGBTQ2S children kill themselves because they have no role models, they feel like no one cares, or understands their struggle. In my opinion, we must be brave and own all aspects of who we are, freeing ourselves and others in the process. The more celebrities, athletes, public figures "come out" the better the world becomes. PERIOD. And I'm surprised those of you who are LGBT2S do n ot understand that!!! Happy New Year!

Thank you. How can people not get that visibility is important? There are so many gay kids growing up in the middle of nowhere, hearing only negative shit about faggots, etc. I'm sure many people reading this have experienced growing up like this. Don't you have any compassion for those kids? You think one jackass's "privacy" is more important than having positive gay role models? Privacy doesn't exist if you're a celebrity. Stop pretending that it does. Find me one truly straight celebrity who doesn't talk about their relationships. So many gays rush to defend "privacy" which is usually just a transference of their own impulse towards cowardice. It's disgusting.

So your saying they have a responsibility to the world? You think it makes it easier for kids to have the courage to accept themselves? The point and only reason we are talking about this is, Someone is attacking him and accusing him of something. You should take the man for who he is and that's any man that you come face to face with not just Rodgers.  

I am of two minds on the issue.  It sets a great example when public figures come out of the closet, just because it makes the gay community visible, and to some teenager that is struggling with his sexuality, it helps him in some small way, knowing that we are here.  However, it is also no ones business.  My take, if he is or is not gay is not important, what IS IMPORTANT is whether he is honest and forthcoming when and if he chooses to address it publicly.  If he is gay or bi, and he has now stated he is not, then shame on him.  If he is heterosexual, he should have stated that outright. If he believes it is no ones business, then he should not have said anything.

Let him be whoever he wants to be. Who cares? We don't ask other players if they are heterosexual. Move on folks. Just worry about your OWN life. This is not an issue unless you are small minded individual.

Thank you! You are totally right. Only the very uneducated and small minded people care about this non-issue. What is your problem, people. Get a life, and worry about your own sexuality. One day you may understand that people can be gay, straight, bisexual and anything else. People are beginning to realize that sexuality can be many things and occur at different times of ones life. Male sexuality deals with sex, much differently than female sexuality. However, as society gets more understanding on the subject, you will see more people come out, and more people experimenting. Generally speaking, men are more willing to 'experiment' with sex, because it may temporarily satisfy their sex drive. It is not an emotional decision at all. Woman generally are more emotionally involved, and therefore, may not want to experiment as much. Times are quickly changing, and in twenty years or so, no one will care at all. You are whatever you are. Deal with it, and enjoy your life.

Finally a voice of reason.....thank you....some people are simple-minded ur own life and leave others a lone....

Think about this folks. Personally, it is no ones business who you sleep with except you and the one you are with. Why is it do important for anyone to know who he sleeps with besides he and the person he is with? Answer: It isn't.  Leave the man alone. Just because he is hot and famous, it is still no one else's business! 

He is so gay !!!   He says he really " likes " woman.  I'm gay and I like woman to, as friends. He's probably crapping his pants right now cause he knows everyone can see right through him.

I slept with Aaron and he's great in bed... even hotter when I make him a shake for breakfast in the morning. .. but now plays on our team.. wink wink..

If you can play, you can play.

If I were a closeted teen, and I read some of these obnoxious and self indulgent comments, I would kill myself.

You are an asshole to say such a thing. Do you know how many gay teens kill themselves? Shame on you.

Ummm its no ones bussiness who he sleeps with. And by no means is he responsible for anyones death. If everyone just let people be then it wouldn't be a issue

Why the fascination? Perhaps the better answer would have been undecided! Has Aaron's answer changed anyone's life? Certainly, not mine. No matter what the guy says it is a lose, lose for him!

I don't give a fugg. Who the fugg is this fugger anyway?

Absolutely fugging agree. Yes he's cute but who is he?

Get a life you all

All I want is world peace, and maybe a chocolate bar.

I miss my chocolate bars. Had lots of them in DC.


My favorites are hershey bars, reeses peanut butter cups, and mounds bar. I hope that doesnt offend anyone.

Who caaares. If he is not. If he is. If he's not ready. Vague or not. Bi. Whatever. Let him be. 

It DOES matter. Every closeted homosexual has the blood of dead gay teens on their hands.

Absolute and total BS, and a stupid, irresponsible thing to say. His sexuality is his own business, and as long as he doesn't make anti-gay statements, his private life should be just that. I have no idea who the man is, but a lot of you don't seem to believe him 

That is an idiotic statement and not fair.  People come out when they can or feel comfortable- what about those closeted adults who are also suicidal and have pressure to come out from people like you? And- I think celebrities have a bit more to lose than you do- so they also need to come out when they are ready to face the personal and professional consequences. It is idiots like you that force people back into- or keep them in- the closet.

This is extreme MW,  BUT you do have a point ... 

Wow, really.  Somehow I just don't think anyone agrees with that statement.

Get a grip. Really?!

what am idiotic post. get a life

To true. What proof have you got to make such a comment. He has done more than you as when were you asked about your sexuality by the press? YOU DO NEED TO GET A LIFE!

Terribly extreme and I wholeheartedly disagree.

Knowing whether he is gay, bi or straight will not help me improve my life. I think it is RUDE to ask someone about their sexuality. It is no one's business. Sexuality is so complex. Leave him alone. Let him live his life! 

Thank you!  But, now gay for my last 45 years, I grew up in a time when if by age 25 - 30 you were unmarried and had no children you suddenly became a topic of curiosity.  If you responded that you were not married, the usual response:  "Oh!  Why not?  You are such a handsome man!  Any woman would love to ring you in."  The invasive, intrusive pressures put on men in particular was beyond offensive.  I have been fortunate.  I am very masculine, successful, well educated and love all those "man things".  Now approaching 70, I no longer am a subject of curiosity.  If they do not know my "story", they have enough respect not to ask.  Some gays seek out the "heroes" (a la Rodgers) to self-identify as gay, believing that further validates their own gayness.  I do not see it that way.  Yet, we have a LONG way to go before being straight or gay is no longer a hot button issue.

what a a big bunch of

SMALL narrow minded CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does it matter?  He is a great quarterback!  That is all that matters. His personal life is just that .......... PERSONAL! 


I'm a gay man and while I'm not in the closet, I don't announce it to the whole world. Why? Because it is no ones business. Most of the LGBTQ community has had their sexuality questioned. Let's leave our glass houses and work towards more understanding of what our community is really all about

Insisting that a guy that you admire or adore or are attracted to is gay is the height of gay pathetic. Or the depth.

I'll go with lack of depth.  :)

Why must we know EVERYONE'S sexual identity??  If people think LGBTQ kids need role models then go give a helping had at shelter or a foster parent. Stop trying to make every single man gay! If someone isn't ready to come out or really is straight why do you care!!

He stated that he is not gay and loves, loves women. How about this folks, until he states.anything differently, cut the speculation and allow the man to live his life in peace without judgement. Remember, personal is personal. His sexuality is in fact, his personal business. Why does he need to be outed. Straight, gay, bi or transgendered. He is human and deserves courtesy, respect and if he is so inclined, privacy too. He is who he is, can we not just accept that?

Why do we care ? I doubt many of us have a shot at his tight-end. Let us all focus on the fact he stated this in a way that does not demean us.

Spot on!  Frankly, as a gay man for 45 years I am growing weary of all these imaginary gay themes and suspicions (the best way I can describe them).  I am still very closeted in many settings simply because I am unwilling to deal with other people's issues.  I am at that "Who cares anyway?" stage.

why does anyone care?  This is a bunch of bull. Everytime someone is single, good looking, there are "gay rumors" all over the place. Sadly, this nonsense is started by Gays who have nothing better to do that make up crap. Whether he is Gay or Straight....who cares?

It is definitely vague. What he said was "I'm just going to say I'm not gay" ... there can be various meanings and contexts to that statement. And just because you really, really like women ... again does not mean you are not gay...Perhaps he is bisexual!! In this day and age it is still very difficult for a professional athlete to come out for fear of being ostracized from his team, losing endorsements, labeled, stigmatized, and the list goes on... If you read more about Rodgers and "personal assistant" Lanflisi's 7 year relationship of living with each other. always together, no women in sight or dating....It is quite obvious what the truth is...

I'm bi and that sounds like something I would say cause I'm not straight nor gay. So, yes, he was vague about it. 

What a sad commentary on... Aaron Rodgers. His perceived "manhood" hanging in the balance, he chose to throw every closeted and afraid gay kid under the team bus. There are so many examples he might have followed, from other celebrities who have dealt with gay rumors. Take Cory Booker's response to his douchenozzle opponent who was gay-baiting the Senate candidate:

“...People who think I’m gay, some part of me thinks it’s wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it matter if I am? So be it. I hope you are not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I’m straight.’ ”

So, Aaron, congratulations on loudly proclaiming your hetero-in-good-standing status to the world. You got it exacly wrong. And half of everyone who even notices will think you're protesting a bit too much, anyway. I thought you were a stand up guy. I guess I got it exactly wrong, too.

I know lots of gays that like women. And putting on a woman.

And "personal is personal", well, that's like the ending of a movie that screams "sequel".

Pretty sure 'I am not gay' isn't vague. 

He might be bi and isn't lying by saying he's not gay. That doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy a nice cock sometimes lolol IMO he was slightly vague. To each his own...

I think we all want to be accepted like we want to be accepted.  I have to accept what he says as the truth for him today.

Vagueness? He said he "really really like women" and "i'm not gay" lol how can those be vague?

Tom Daley also said he likes women. So, Aaron being "not gay" + liking women could still mean he's bi. Especially since he said professional is professional + personal is personal. It seems like he's purposely leaving things open.

No.  He skirted the question and basically spoke vaguenese.

Let us hope you are being sarcastic because if not, I feel for you.

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