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Coca Cola Cuts Gay Couple Out Of Commercial

Coca Cola is receiving flak after editing an otherwise remarkable new commercial running in its European market once it hits Irish airwaves. Though viewers in England, Norway, Holland and other EU countries are able to view the "Reasons to Believe" ad in its glorious entirety, including a glimpse of a gorgeous gay couple tying the knot. Folks in Ireland, however, see a straight couple in the gay couple's place. 

Why the censorship?

Apparently, due to Ireland's lack of marriage equality, Coca Cola believed snubbing the same-sex couple would be the most appropriate.

Wouldn't a country that still lacks marriage equality be the most in need of seeing a happy gay couple?

Anyway, here's the original ad, you know, in case you're in Ireland and want to see what a loving couple looks like:

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What group is the largest consumers of soft drinks? Teenagers. Think about that.

"Coca Cola is receiving flak after editing an otherwise remarkable new commercial" This is appallingly journalism. The Irish add was no more edited than the others, they are all different. 

"Why the censorship?" ... what censorship? Why is using a mixed ethnicity marriage censorship. You people don't even see them as anything more than a place filler for the omission of the two men's marriage. 

"Wouldn't a country that still lacks marriage equality be the most in need of seeing a happy gay couple? " ... very probably yes. But is that the job of coca cola? Is it appropriate of a private company to make a political statement that could upset the very process that is in place to bring same sex marriage about? You seem to have a very strange conception of advertising. 

The add represents day to day experiences in life. Same sex marriage is not, sadly, a day to day happening in Ireland.

You need to see past the tip of your own nose and agenda. There is a world outside gay rights. Like prejudice towards mixed ethnicity marriages, but they do happen.

This reeks, as did Scott's piece, of self obsession and narrow minded selfishness. 

"Anyway, here's the original ad," that is a false statement. 

here! is some fact for all you reactionary professional whingers and victims. Posted on

So we just discovered the “controversy” over the Coca Cola commercial we are featured in. This is ridiculous! I cant believe gay rights groups have the nerve to go so crazy over the fact that the gay couple’s wedding scene was “SWAPPED OUT” of the Irish, French and Dutch ad’s and “replaced” with an interracial wedding. First of all, the other couple was not “Replaced” by us as we were contacted by Coca Cola well before long before the commercial went to air and we were told we would be featured in the Irish version as well as multiple other countries. Also If you took the time to watch all of the Reasons To Believe commercials airing over Europe you would see that in every single commercial different scenes have been “Replaced” to make each commercial slightly different and the scene wasn’t “replaced” it is merely a slightly different commercial that bares the same positive message of LOVE. A message that states that ALL LOVE IS EQUAL and that love conquers the barriers of gender and race. You don’t hear us or advocates for Interracial relationships protesting over the fact that the Interracial scene was “Replaced” in some countries with the gay marriage scene nor are we upset over the fact that the gay marriage scene was actually featured on more of the commercials than the interracial marriage scene (while on that topic why do we have to be labeled as the interracial couple and the gay couple why cant we just be couples!?!?!). Instead we are proud to have been a part of such an inspirational and positive ad campaign and happy for the other couple who featured in the advert in place of us as Im sure they are happy for us too.

Interracial couples have had to fight for the right to be respected and we still sadly do struggle with racism and negativity due to our love in this day and age and we feel that the way people are acting over this issue is really taking away from the struggles interracial couples all over the world have gone through. Very few interracial couples are featured on TV and when they are, just like the now famous Cheerio’s commercial they are faced with controversy. A large part of the reason we decided to make Youtube videos and share our life with the world was to show the world how normal interracial couples are because we feel we are so misrepresented in the media. You would think Gay Rights groups who have faced similar prejudice to that of interracial couples would be happy to stand with us instead of against us in a fight for a more accepting world.

Rant over….. But these articles made us annoyed!!!!

Jamie and Nikki.

I doubt any of you who are "outraged" by coke producing an add with a same sex marriage scene in almost all releases except a few countries, will admit you jumped the gun.

Do gay people want to have the monopoly on people who suffer prejudice? What about race? What about fathers separated from their children by spiteful mothers... all supported by the law? 

If you have to look all the way to Ireland to find something against Coca~Cola, you're spinning information to suit your need for an article.  The people who are Caucasian in Mc Donald's advertisement running in Idaho are African American in the same advertisements running in Illinois.  You wouldn't show Paris Hilton's Carl Junior's commercial in Israel, would you? These are not discrimination, it's targeting advertising for a demographic and there's nothing wrong with that.  Coca~Cola still wants to buy the world a coke, but in some places a well informed company goes about it differently than in other places.  Quit creating fodder and put some effort into your reporting.  If this is some class assignment or project for a grade, my apologies; you're passion is appreciated.  +Points for being informative. -Points for not being topical. C+

Well said, the article in is a disgrace and no research whatsoever was done. It is this sort of closed minded article that destroys the credibility of the gay rights movement.

A movement which has been remarkable in fighting prejudice with positivity and pride. Not looking for things to attack and complain about. It seems to be leaning towards the cultish approach and attitude of the feminist movement. 

P.S.  You're cute.

I don't know why any of you queens would drink coke anyhow. Especially you bottoms, as it all comes out in the fuck. YUCK!

Cos the Irish are obsessive religious types. Dah! BORE OFF.

I am still boycotting Pepsi because it gave generously to G W Bush during tumultuous Election 2000 and its disputed result vis-à-vis Al Gore.  If I am supposed to start boycotting Coke, what soda shall I then drink, pray tell?

Clean with soda but never ever drink it!

Coca Cola are saying that the omission was because Ireland still only has civil partnership, whereas they quote the United Kingdom as having equal marriage.
This, however, is untrue, as only two of the four countries within the UK – i.e. England and Wales – have equal marriage. The other two, Scotland and Northern Ireland, still only have civil partnership, yet the British version of the advert is being shown in both of those countries as well, so does not seem to me  as being 'relevant and valid for its own market[s]'
It is time that LGBT's stand up and be counted and use an alternative Cola until, Coca Cola make a firm commitment towards equality- as their sponsorship in regards to Sochi has shown that profits are more important than their stand towards LGBT equality.
Coke is sponsoring the Sochi Winter Olympics, without even a murmur of unease at the anti-gay and repressive policies of the Putin government. It is shameful acquiescence with oppression.
As far as I am concerned - Things go worse with Coke

two areas of Britain have civil partnership.... the others have marriage... Ireland is way behind. You have made no point Omar. The U.K. has equal marriage and civil partnership, Ireland has neither. So to say their explanation is invalid is absurd. Grow up. Stop looking for homophobia where there is none! I bet they wish now they had not bothered including a gay couple at all.

Well done to all the people who love seeing homophobia and lashing out without cause. You can be 100% sure you will give people pause for thought before including a same sex marriage scene in an add. 

Personally, I will no longer be, actively, supporting gay rights any more.

Agree. It's already a New Year here and I chose the alternative(Pepsi) pro-actively. McD' was dumped anyway months ago.

Bring the original ad to Ireland! Fuck the begrudgers! As gay man in civil partnership waiting on gay marriage.... show the add. nobody is going to stop drinking coke just coz two gay lads got married. Wake up its nearly 2014.. Who gives a fu#*

the only people blowing this out of all proportion are the "hang'em high" gay rights people and a lot of regular gay people. 

there is no "original add" they are all tailored for each area. Surely the millions plus of the add aired around the world deserve some recognition?


what about the fact they produced the add with a same sex marriage. if they had not, they would get none of this flak .... what does that say about they vocal gay community. They can only see the negative and not the good, not the support.

Think about it, if none of the adds had a gay marriage... they would have gotten non of this. How many adds from companies that have never shown a same sex marriage have been damned by the gay community?

This reaction sends a message to not ever try to include same sex marriage or romance ever. Not because of the catholic church, not because of homophobes.... but because of gay people.

The ad is crap and saccharin, hamy billy barry kid choir.... the only other groups that enjoys being victims and ridiculous bigotry are the feminists and some of the race baiting black reverends in the U.S. 

A real shame from a rights movement known for fighting shame with pride.

hear hear* not here here.

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