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Daddy Bear Gives Us The Twerk Of A Lifetime

Just when we thought twerking was on its way out... THIS. THIS!!!

Not sure if this video is set-up or if this daddy bear was truly caught by his wife twerking when he was supposed to be getting ready for their Christmas dinner party, but either way, we're completely cool with it.

Twerk away daddy, twerk away...





But seriously though, does this dude not have some rhythm, Instincters?


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what's up with people living in a cluttered filthy mess?  I don't care how hard my dick got watching that bear twerk (or not twerk according to the black guy) - I can't think of anything but getting them on Hoarders!!

He's sexy, but umm...THAT'S NOT TWERKING!!!!! Ugh, Please fellow white people. Learn the difference.

I thought he was adorable and hot!

Ahahaha))) Daddy Rulleezzz))

He reminds me of the bear from the Jungle Book.

Rhythm? Really? Yet another ho hum performance by a white guy hyped by Instinct.

Look, another ho hum comment by a black guy dissing a white guy. but it is ok cause blacks cant be racists.....

and another ho hum comment by some troll on the internet

Clean that room!

Was thinking the same thing.

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