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Instinct's Top 10 Favorite Friends & Foes Of 2013!

As we try to brainstorm resolutions that don’t begin with cross and end with fit (not enough time to cruise with that workout!), we search for any idea that may marginally improve ourselves in the New Year. Though those efforts are certainly noble, what we truly enjoy about this end of year-transition time is sifting through the past year to identify how our lives actually improved through the work, passion and creativity of others. As members of Instinct’s editorial team, we look forward each and every year to cutting out the chaff and exalting the diamonds that shined the brightest over the previous 12 months. The bountiful and landmark year of 2013 certainly made our work cut out for us, but these gems stood out above the rest as Instinct Magazine’s top favorite friends and foes of the year. 


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, FOE

Chris Christie fought marriage equality tooth and nail throughout his first four years as governor of New Jersey. When the courts ushered in same-sex marriage in the Garden State anyway, Gov. Christie still waged war and appealed the landmark ruling. But as the gubernatorial election loomed and the opponent hoping to unseat him announced support for marriage equality, Gov. Christie backed off to allow gay New Jerseyans the taste of equality. (Jonathan Higbee)



Fox News, FOE

What’s to like, really? Middle America’s news network continued to offend any and everyone who isn’t a white, Christian, straight male. From Duck Dynasty to Affordable Healthcare, Fox News did what it does best: spin baby, spin. (Jeff Katz)



Sen. Rob Portman, FRIEND

To know us is to love us. It’s a sentiment LGBT activists have been saying for years, and in 2013 a senator from Ohio showed just how great of an impact coming out can make. The Republican politician publically changed his stance and supported marriage equality this year, becoming the first incumbent statewide or national-level Republican to do so since 2004. And the reason for the change of heart? Portman’s son came out. The senator also went on to become one of 10 Republicans to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, showing that politics doesn’t have to be business as usual. (JK)



Britney, FOE

No, Brit didn’t make our list because of her disappointing “intimate” album. It was Lady Vegas’ ignorant comments about her gay fans that left a truly bad taste in our mouths. No, dear, we’re not just like girls, we don’t all work in hair and makeup and while we certainly think we’re hot, calling us “adorable” is a tad condescending. (JK)



Sen. Cory Booker, FRIEND

Handsome, charming and long an LGBT ally, the newly-minted SENATOR Cory Booker marked his ascension up the political ladder this year by marrying a handful of gay couples the moment marriage equality became legal in New Jersey. Ahhh. Swoon. 




The most memorable bridge between straights and gays in 2013 was undoubtedly erected by one of the year's biggest pop music breakouts, Macklemore. Though he and collaborator Ryan Lewis first debuted on mainstream radio in 2013, they wasted no time in putting their celebrity to good use with a pet cause: LGBT equality. With Eminem's recent album (which finds itself burdened with homophobic lyrics) breaking charts around the world, Macklemore is exactly what hip hop needs right now. (JH)



Russian President Vladimir Putin, FOE

Not that he was ever exactly a friend, but this year Putin and Russian lawmakers showed their true hateful colors. Anti-gay laws, police brutality and general fear permeated through the LGBT community in Russia for most of 2013. And despite plenty of world attention Putin seems unlikely to change his position anytime soon. (JK)



Edith Windsor, FRIEND

Move over Betty White. Seems America found itself a new sweetheart in 2013. Edie Windsor is one of the few friends on this list that also carries the honorific title of "Hero" after being an instrumental part of the dismantling of DOMA. Spurred into action after New York charged her hundreds of thousands of dollars in tangible estate tax inequality, Edith fell into our hearts and history books by pursuing justice instead of backing down. (JH)



Pat Robertson, FOE

It was really hard to out-bigot Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013, but televangelical fraud Pat Robertson was seemingly up for the challenge when he warned viewers of the 700 Club that we gays wear secret razor-sharp rings to cut and infect bystanders with AIDS. Or something. Cough, cough *douche*. (JH)




United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry were landmark cases examining the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. After long court battles, the two cases came before the high court, and on June 26, equality prevailed. In two separate 5-4 rulings, the court found DOMA to be unconstitutional, while the justices also declined to revisit a lower court’s ruling on Prop. 8, meaning same-sex marriage would once again be legal in the Golden State. Coupled with a landside of new states to recognize same-sex marriage and it was clear that 2013 would be the year equality prevailed. (JK)


What do you think about our Top Friends & Foes of 2013, Instincters? 

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SERIOUSLY, I'm not offended by what Britney said!! I'm about to make you a foe!!

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Seriously though, adding her to this list as a foe is a desperate attempt for readership. I think there are a lot more people doing a lot worse than not getting their point across eloquently. Idiotic journalism tbh...

Looking on as an outsider, (I neither know your magazine, until now, nor am  a huge Britney fan), but having read of the upbringing/education Britney has had, the comments she has made appear genuine and innocent in context. Perhaps she cannot express how she feels in the manner in which you would like. You however, by your careless judgement could easily end a person's career, or cause emiotional damage. Like most "journalists" these days, as dannydawn6 so rightly says, you hide behind your keyboards, firing off judgement, not even thinking of the consequences. Why can't you just offer impartial information, rather than enter the "bitchfest" media circus. I don't care if celebrities sign themselves up for public doesn't mean they sign up to public ridicule and one way judgementalism.....time you looked for a more life rewarding career..if you have the qualifications.

thank you!!!!!! well said yourself!!!! also it just hit me-where the fuck is the lesbian waitress who lied about her customers leaving her no tip and that offensive note!? how great did she represent our community and how much did she contribute to the anit-discrimination cause!? HOW IS SHE NOT A FOE BUT BRITNEY IS!!!??? especially considering how closely you all covered and wrote articles on that story!!!!!!! someone obviously rushed the friend/foe 2013 list-there was a lot of progress but still plenty of hateful scumbags...AND WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! where the fuck was the duck dynasty hick!!!!!???? i know that was kinda last minute in the year but only an IDIOT would consider britney spears a greater foe than him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as a reader/viewer of your magazine/website for now 7 years i think you all should WRITE A RETRACTION removing britney from your foe list and agree to stop hating on her so much and making something outta nothing just to meet your quota of articles for the day.

Britney is an ignorant Republican cunt. Glad to see her on the foe list where she belongs.

Yup,,seems like someone at this magazine has a problem with Britney,,,very biased and manufacturing stories routinely 

well said!! got me to search 'britney spears' on this site and majority of the 'positive' britney related stories (new music...etc) over the last several months were written by Nigel Campbell while majority of the 'negative' stories (random quotes you never hear/read about anywhere else) were written by Jonathan Higbee-that said...Jonathan WHAT THE FUCK DID BRITNEY EVER DO TO YOU!? or are you just hardcore Timberlake fan!? i'm so sick of all your mountain out of a mole hill britney stories!!!! i never see these 'headlines' anywhere else on tv/online-it seems you have a true, personal bias! and believe me i can't stand people who get all cocky and brave from behind a keyboard but i just had to say something!!! please can this website move on in 2014 and not fish for the backhand in a compliment or statement-in know it's coming...LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Higbee's picture

"Cocky and brave" behind a keyboard makes no sense to me as you know my full name and see a very adorable picture of me next to it, mr. or mrs. random screename. Just saying. Oh, and please read the above story to note that I'm not the writer of the Britney paragraph, but thanks for the attention!

Ha! Written by Britney fan club, clearly... She's ignorant and uneducated. Move on.

Stop trying to make anti-Britney happen. All the comments on the original article show that no one was offended by what she said. You seriously couldn't find anyone else more deserving of the FOE title in a year's worth of jackasses?

So we just need to hope that enough gay children come out to parents who are Republican members of Congress to have any hope of something like ENDA passing.  Apparently the only way a senator like Portman has any empathy for people different than himself is if a relative is affected.

I think Pope Francis should feature as a friend, not because he will change Catholic teaching about homosexuality (he can't) but because he has shifted the emphasis from condemnation, a major step if you understand anything about Catholicism.

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