Tom Daley Shares His First Photo With Dustin Lance Black

Newly out British diver Tom Daley shared a photo with his alleged boyfriend, Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, via Instagram this weekend. It's the first photo of the pair that either individual has personally released to the public.

The image included the caption:

"#splash celebrations :) Beef Wellington...yes please!!!"

Does this make them "Instagram official"?? If so, we're wishing these two gents many more celebrations in the new year!


Image Source (H/T: Boyculture)


When I was 18, I was involved with a 39-year old man. We were together 8 1/2 years. Age was not a factor in our breakup. I, myself, like older men, and I am 33 years old. There's just something about a man with more experience that gets me hot. So, Tom, don't listen to the naysayers. Be happy with the man you love.

sad, all I remember about Dustin Lance Black was that he was going around the country doing every guy he could get his dick on. and that he had a big one. 

Tom def needs better

Dead story. Move on. 

Dustin doesn't look his age. I bet he's an experienced bottom who satisfies Tom's need in bed.

At 42 I recently had a fling with a 19 year-old. Madonna sang it best, "You were my lesson I had to learn, I was your fortress you had to burn ..."

The guy is 20 years older, but I understand it was Tom that made the first move so if they happy that's what matters. The age difference is eventually going to a problem. Tom probably should have dated guys his own age, but again if they are both happy that's what counts. Interestingly, Tom recently lost his father and I wonder if that's why he was interested in an guy 20years older than he.

Why him!?  You deserve more! Anyway as long as ur happy!;)

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