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Colts QB Andrew Luck Accidentally Half-Naked Photobombs Twitter Pic [NSFW]

We knew that following pro-football stars on Twitter would pay off in the end (no word play in that sentence intended). One of our biggest crushes in the NFL, Colts' QB Andrew Luck, unintentionally made our haphazard use of the FOLLOW button worth it by being caught half-naked in the background of punter Pat McAfee's locker-room Tweet. McAfee has since deleted the innocuous picture from Twitter, but luckily, it's the Internet, so we'll always be able to gaze at it and wish that suit standing in the corner had gone to therapy to fix his nervous hand-wringing. 

You're welcome. 

(Via Twitter)


I wish that bald headed dude was playing with his phone somewhere else...

Nudity in a locker room! How obscene! The religious reich is going to have a field day! Lol And why can't we talk about sex?! Almost every day that I go to the grocery store there's naked pictures of Miley, Megan, Britney, JLo, or any other woman that is "hot" at the moment on almost every magazine cover next to Spongebob coloring books! Seriously, sex sells and it is continuously flaunted at almost every turn. Nobody cares! Well... Except if it's anything gay related then everybody gets their rosaries twisted in a bunch! The same stores that proudly display stuff like Maxim's Hot 100 or Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue (FEMALE Swimsuit Issue) hide magazines like Instinct behind cardboard like if they're porn! Really? Lol

REALLY, they did not expect to maybe see a naked guy in the locker room? WOW, what a bunch of TARDS! So funny people will blow up over this, but won't blow up over teen idols making sexually explicit videos that 13 year olds watch. But I will say this as a gay man. Seems like most of the  gay news letters, blogs, and the like most of the time report on such pressing issues as a guy half naked in a locker room. Has being gay turned into all about the sex of being gay now a days? I find it uncomfortable to always seeing sex as our BIG ISSUE. Seems like the "IN" thing now and not equality or being responsible about sex anymore.  

Wow. A lot of prudes. Is it 'news'? no. Is it fun or entertaining to some? yes.  Relax guys.  Quit worrying what 'the straights' will think if you enjoy seeing another man's body.  Can we no longer be attracted to other men to be gay? Must we pander for straight approval?  I don't think so. Instinct can bring us both news AND things that entertain and titillate.  If straight men's mags can do that with no one questioning it, why are we? Stop worrying what it 'looks like' to straight people.  I could care less.

Looks like he has his black briefs on to me. 

nah it's the other guy's phone

who cares, really.  locker room drama.

What's the fuss?  We can't even see anything.  Watch the movie "Steel Magnolias" and you can see a lot more guys in the locker room, and a lot more naked!!

You're thinking of 'Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.'  'Steel Magnolias' is about the bonds of women through life and death - not naked obviously homosexual cowboys joyously dancing and singing in unison in anticipation of their first brothel.  

I move to suspend Michael's gay card effective immediately. All in favor...

Dumbass Michael.  I'm gay, I've seen "Steel Magnolias" a hundred times.  I know what I'm talking about.

No Michael there is a scene in Steel Magnolias in the locker room


We there was a locker room scene when Clarie was doing a radio interview and Weezer was sitting there watching the guys go around in their jocks and some were even naked!!  It was hot!!!

Looks like you were paying attention while watching movies! lol  And yes that was a hot scene--just as hot as Best Little Whorehouse scene was!!  That's the  main reason why I watch that movie besides enjoying Dolly Parton's wonderful singing!!  She's a fun actress to watch as well--loved her in 9 to 5!!  I wish they would have got around to doing a remake of that movie like they once planned!

An argument about Steel Magnolias and The Best Little Whore House In Texas! Haha this would happen on a gay magazine! How exquisite! :-)

There is nothing wrong with that pic. Stop holding interviews in the room where people get undressed.

For some folks, pissing and moaning is its own reward, tends to make them feel just that much more 'important', regardless of what they've chosen to complain about. To be concerned about a website's loss of 'integrity' is like not being able to stand the aroma of a pile of feces - completely irrelevant! I totally agree with these wise words, "if you don't like it, why waste your words on it?"! Sums it up so succinctly!

Thanks for posting the pic!! :)

I enjoyed the post lunch eye candy...

and Instinct finds this worth posting?????why????? nothing there to be worth a post let alone on your site......aiming this low? you are losing Intergirty Instinct.

Credible "news" source, huh?

it's just to entertain bro... calm down.  Why be negative, if you don't like it, why waste your words on it?

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