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Infograph: 9 Body Confessions From Gay Singles

What everyone in the community and pop-culture assumes has been given tangible numbers. Coffee Meets Bagel, a personalized dating service, has released its latest interesting niche survey detailing body image and expectations among single gay men. The results are telling, but not exactly surprising, right?



Looks like this poll was take in a gay club full horned men. We all go threw this stage in life.

Straight men just as bad. 

I have stayed at 190 for the past 4 years. I'm okay with that. I'm 5'9" and now 25. I go to the gym every night to mostly run and keep my upper body strong to avoid heart disease, CVD, and diabetes. I watch what I eat and don't pig out or eat right before I sleep. Do I feel inadequate because I don't have abs? Why should I? Men and women who work out to look good are simply insecure with their image. I have found, through a study on the American Psychological Association website, that most people work out at the gym to maintain their health. Looking good is jsut a side effect.

Some guys in the gay community are shallow hags but most of them are not. My ex gave me the extra push to start going to the gym last year and after we broke up I actually started working out more and more and it is simply for me. I don't really give a damn about others opinions I enjoy working out and seeing my previous 270 pound body sculpt up and look good to myself!! (Currently at 193 pounds.) If you work out do it for yourself just to get healthy. Don't do it to conform to the "norm" be happy with yourself and that will get you more dates than being some shallow hateful queen! :)

so happy for you but i do think you are screaming a bit too loud....HAG

Turn your hearing aid down then honey ;) xoxo

I'm so glad my bear hubby and myself can be happy together after 20+ years of NOT looking like a gym hunk (but hunks to each other). 

"looking like a gym hunk" is a side-affect of working out. I don't go to the gym to look good (although that was an added goal). I go to the gym to: keep physically fit; keep myself feeling young; don't "break-down" when I hit my 50s (like my relatives); mental relaxation; stress reliever; and physical therapy for a past injury in my spine.

There are just too many reasons to keep your body physically fit. The aesthetics just happen to be a side-affect.

arent you special...stick it up your loose butt hole...i dont go to the gym to look lgoo..i go to feel good...f u

You are very fortunate.

I would like to know who they polled for this survey!  Although, I do see this a lot in the gay community, I am pretty sure that, like the previous comments, there are other gay men out there that don't agree totally with this.  (Numbers 1, 5, and 6...shallow!  #4...Do it for yourself and no one else)

Wow, where did they do this survey...Cali? On a more honest note, (I'll probably get bashed for voicing my own opinions due to not everyone seeing the same things but) it does seem to be more about looks than anything else when it comes to meeting another guy. 

I agree with you, when guys talk to me it usually always go straight to being hot instead of conversation and guys want random hook ups and honestly I believe our culture has built bad habits like these based on how it was created, from neglect and abuse. A lot of guys like others of course are not fully Self respecting or so to speak unknowing of their worth. Seek love from connection and the soul the warm fuzzy feeling not only from the physical being.

A a gay man myself i find this survey interesting, is not something I didn't know already, but in my opinion, there's something true in all stereotypes and this is more of a prove of it, lets remember that the gay community is not 100% hunks and jocks, there are bears and twinks that are also part of the LGBT community, the thing missing this survey is the geographic location and method of distribution to be filled up, as well as some demographics should be necessary to be a reliable source. In my opinion doing exercise brings up the spirit, exercise creates endorphins, endorphins make you happy, ergo, they make you feel happy about yourself, plus jocks and gym people (yoga, pilates, weights, crossfit, &c) have a tendency to be discipline people, which can create structure in someone life.

What sort of vapid, plastic, superficial gay men did they survey here? Jeez this sure makes gay men seem shallow and just fixated on non-substantive physical traits.  As a gay man myself, I can assure you this ridiculous "survey" does not speak for all gay men out there. 

Wow, way to state the obvious, Digs.  It's a poll.  It does not represent 100% of the entire gay population.  Duh.

But, let's get real: gay people are well-known as caring (perhaps too much?) about physical appearances and name brand products and such.  Open your eyes tot hat fact.

Timothy, #6 has two things technically. 


Maybe number 6 counts as two things.

You know that there are only 8 shown? What's number 9?

I'm with you Timothy! 

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