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Congratulations!: Lily Tomlin Marries Longtime Partner Jane Wagner

Congratulations are in order for Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner!

Tomlin, the 74-year-old comic genius best known for her diverse roles on television, film and stage tied the knot New Year's Eve with longtime love and accomplished writer, Jane Wagner after 42 years together.

It appears the news first broke as a sidenote in a piece about Bob Fosse written for by friend of the couple, Liz Smith:

"It was an eventful New Year's Eve ... my longtime friends, Lily Tomlin and her love, the writer Jane Wagner, got married on the eve of 2014. ... My wish is that their happiness will be as great as their combined talents."

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We are so blessed by these women. May they continue to bless one another. Their intelligence, talent and drive keep them at the top of their profession at a time when most have long since "retired". Two old broads with great talent and a lifetime of kudos. Wow. No wonder Ms. Wagner chose that as a great expressive vehicle. It absolutely encompasses their joint achievement. Lily Tomlin for me will forever seem ageless. What I think is funny is that she's forced some of her characters into retirement. It's like the planets in elliptical orbit. Lilly and Jane grow better with time but, alas, the characters must be phased out and the new brought on bored. One day in 30 years Lilly will be telling a joke with Jane there and poof. She'll be gone. But until then we'll laugh and they'll continue to be wonderful.

Congrats Lily and Jane!!!

Many blessings Lily and Jane...may your wishes and dreams always pave the road on your beautiful journey together! With love and blessings!

really wonderful news ... hurray for love!

Heartfelt congratulations!  

I just love Lily Tomlin! I wish the both of them a lifetime of happiness!

Hey, Lily. I have your autograph. Stage door at University of Colorado, Boulder, 1976. We talked about you being in The Confederacy of Dunces, if the movie ever got made.

Marie: How's the cake, Lud?

Lud: Oh like always I guess. 

Marie:  Couldn't be like always. I never got that kind of cake before...

Terrific news about my favorite creative genius longtime companions! I couldn't be happier for you. 

Congratulations to you both! Much love sent to you both.

Hey, Hater, I loved the Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Congrats to you both! Much happiness and wonderful companionship!

Much happiness and congrats!

Well, it's about time! :)

Congratulations jane & lily, been married  in calf several times but officially 2006! 33+ years together and a 7 year old son


Ah, this news is certainly a day-brightener! Congratulations Lily and Jane! My own sweet lady and I have been together 30 years, next December and both of us love your humor and work!

And  never forget... when the naysayers try to rain on your parade... you don't got to do NUTHIN if you don't want to! PFFFFT!


Congratulations, Ernestine (Three Ringie-Dingies!)

Old Vito never had a chance, poor guy.

Best of luck and love to you both. (Now I'm going to see if my public library has any of Ms Wagner,s work.)

you have made us laugh, you have made us you have made us proud.

Edith Ann gets hitched! Congrats to Lily and Jane ...

Vito Russo is busting his buttons from on high! Thank you both for being the examples you are, Jane and Lily!!!

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Lily I am glad for your happiness. May your days remain sunny. GOD Bless you both!

"Nor men who lay with men shall inherit God's kingdom".

and, i might add... we are already IN God's kingdom, both in life and in death. we ALL ARE also God's children. we are all one, both positive, what we like, and negative, what we don't like. All one. All God. sadden me with your statement as it is a judging statement.  Remember judging is not for MAN to do.  "Judge not lest you be judged' or how about this one, he who is without sin cast the first stone." Who wrote the bible but man.  Who decided what was to be in the bible?  Man...  I do know this, our creator wanted EVERYONE to love one another and treat all with kindness and acceptance.

Wheezer,  agreed and well said.  It is my understanding that God loves all.

Um....They aren't men?

Take your Hu-MAN written piece of _____ book and shove it up your ____ . Politely.

Hey Saddened, I have been laying with my man for over 48 years.  My God has been very good to me, and I am sure that He will welcome me to His kingdom with open arms.

If you don't agree then stay off of gay websites @Saddened...........God's Kingdom isn't a Country Club where ONLY a select group are allowed. Instead he (GOD) Loves ALL of his children...........

I like this statement David--people who disagree and in some cases spout hateful stuff should stay off websites that clearly are meant for people who care about friends or relatives who are gay or are gay themselves. These people want to incite and spew their poison without even taking the time to listen to the story of those involved in these beautiful committed relationships. My cousin recently revealed to the world that he is gay-he is a professional basketball player and I could not have been prouder of him for having the courage to share the truth. Our family has and will always stand by him, with him and if necessary fight to defend him against hate and ugliness that prevails because people choose not to love as God has asked us to love--UNCONDITIONALLY. SO like David said, if you don't agree and chose to remain closed minded, then stay off such websites. My thoughts and prayers are always with my gay brothers and sisters. Remain true to who God has made you to be!!!!!


 With two ring-a-dingies? Congrats! See you on Olivia's Montreal to Boston cruise Lily,

Congratulations Lily and Jane!  I was lucky enough to meet you, Lily, about 22 years ago.  You were in town doing your one-woman show at the College of St. Catherine.  You came to the wine store where I was an assistant manager, looking for a good bottle or two.  I enjoyed talking wine with you and helping you find something Jane would like too.  I hope you both celebrated with a good bottle.  I wish you many more happy years together!

My brother took me to see you at Cobo Hall in Detroit in the early 70's.  We were able to make it into the outside backstage door.  (I made him try to sneak in with me)  There were about 5 of us.  You came out into the room and as you hugged someone you put your Doral cigarette out on the floor.  I scooped it up between your feet and I had that cigaretter framed for years!  I wish I still had it.

You both are all so inspiring! I'm a single gay mom and a huge fan of Lily:). My 10 year old daughter is also a big fan. In fact, she loves making people laugh like Lily! God bless you both!!

Congratulations!!!!  I am known as "Lily" at work even though this is not my name.  I have been told this for years.......What a compliment!!!!!

Well, ladies, it's about time you made honest women of each other!

Congratulations and only the best wishes for a long(er) and happy life together... you should, ay the very least, have the basics down by now!

(And,,, inquiring minds need to know... One ringy dingy, or two?)

Wonderful! Congratulations and Best Wishes for a continued long and loving life together. Thank you  ladies for your inspiration on how two can love and respect each other for so long. You definitely deserve this celebration!

Congratulations! I met both of you the week of an SNL taping some 30 years ago. Lily you did a skit with Julia Louis Dreyfus playing Edith Ann and she was your playmate -- both in huge rocking chairs. It was a sketch that I will always remember. Mostly I was left with admiration for how gracious and respectful you were to everyone. It does not surprise me that you are still happily together....

Would like to congratulate you on your marriage.  We did the same after 42 years together.  We married in L.A. Oct. 5th because all the legal garbage was over in CA and we knew the marriage would stand after the demise of DOMA.  We, too, are in our 70's and, like you, Ms. Tomlin, I am from Detroit, MI.

So happy for you and, if you're like me, you probably didn't thiink it would happen in our lifetime!

Happy news! If their relationship can survive bombs like "Moment by Moment" & "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" (written by Ms. Wagner) they can survive anything and be together forever!

Great to see such commitment to one another, lucky in love you two!


Congratulations Ladies.  I wish you both the very best and hopefully people throughout the enitire United States will be able to do the same.  Cheers.

So awesome....2 great talents and beautiful ladies to hoot!

I hope Ms. Beasley will make a good wedding peace quiche!

Congratulations Lily and Jane.

2 beautiful talented women.  Wishing them another lifetime of happiness. 

Congrats ladies!! You both look outstanding! Wishing you another 42 years and more!!

Congratulations! Thanks you for inspiring me and others with your intelligence, wit, and morality. J. Colleen Breen  (Lily- I gave you a home made cheesecake when you did Signs ...

in St. Paul, Mn. You wrote me a note of thanks.  

Many congratulations

I did not know Lily Tomlin was 74.

Congratulations Ladies, but we don't care <snort>

Then why did you bother to comment? How stupid are you?

Guess you don't remember Lily's Ernestine, the snide Telephone operator, with her snorts!  The comment was a congratulations, imitating her.

Congratulations ladies,♡.

I    this! 

Congratulations, ladies! 

Awesome!!   They look great for their ages too!!!

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