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New England Patriot Julian Edelman Shows Us Why They Call It A 'Wide Receiver'

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman may be one of the most flexible players in the game. 

Look, he's so bendy!

Clearly he's an asset. 

Wait. What else did you think we were trying to show you??


(H/T: Kenneth In The 212)


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Its real saw it on TV

Well, he clearly has a good sense of humor! He made a goofy cooking video just a few days ago.

Here's the thing..  Yes, the guy is cute, yes, the pic is kinda funny,  yes, butts are great & yes, Instinct is not always the most serious magazine/blog, but in between the shirtless celebrity pics & twerking videos, there are some important & informative articles.  It's kinda genius really.  They rope us in with the eye candy & then educate us on topics that effect us.  I am a fan of Instinct for that very reason.

Men focus a lot of attention on the physical.  It's in our nature & there are plenty, of models, actors, gogo dancers & porn stars etc. who want & expect the attention & make money being photographed etc.  Some with their butts in the air.

I honestly don't think that this particular pic is so terrible, or shocking, but I do think that is disrespectful to this guy (who I don't know) to post it like this, in this particular magazine, for public scrutiny, to generate lascivious comments.  I think that Instinct is better than that & I think that we should all have more respect for each other than this.

If this was a similar pic of Venus, or Serena Williams posted to GQ, or FHM or something similar & straight guys were posting comments like those on this feed, I think there'd be some backlash.

It's commonly established that it's disrespectful & unacceptable for straight men to cat call women, or to make lascivious, sexual comments about them.  It's considered harassment & can get people in a lot of trouble & rightly so.  Isn't this the same thing?

I am not religious & I don't care what straight people think about us as a culture.  You may think that I should "lighten up", or that there's no harm done here, but I think there's a fine line that may be being crossed & I personally think that we should have more respect for our selves & each other generally.

I love Instinct Magazine & respect their right to post & right about anything that they think is interesting, or appealing, fun, or informative.  I love that they give you a place to respond to their posts.  These comment feeds are a great place to generate discussions & make us all think & express our opinions.  This just happens to be my opinion.

I know some people are going to disagree, but I figure it's ok.  We ain't all going to agree on everything.

is lululemon making their uniform pants?

Thatz just WRONG ! ! !  We must establish some boundaries some where.  No  wonder many Evangelical Christians say we have NO moral values.  This flyie in the face of  good taste.   No pun intended . . .  

Your just ignorant!!! 

Relax Sally, when were not having sex with animals we have fun!

btw Christians don't have much wiggle room since sleeping with 12 yr old boys seems to be an acceptable sport for them.. 

So chill dude and go confess some of your own sins and leave satire to the pros .. 

Oh shut up you pompous little prig. First off, gay people are hardly the only ones who do this type of things, and secondly, what the fuck gives you or those douchbag little religious whackjob nutcases the right to tell us what good morals are? Go fuck off with a lightning rod shoved up your cellulitic covered overly hairy and pimpled ass.

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I love it. The new NFL uniforms are pretty much transparent when they get sweaty! Hehe...

keep up with the yum yum stories. Love instinct the way you are.

Such a stupid juvenile story. Lame. 

Instinct, "keep it up" ROFLMFAO

Damn, I love jocked, straight ass!  Thanks Instinct!

LMAO of COURSE the pic is "fake"'s NOT Edelman, it's a Miami Dolphin, just look at his uniform.  Lighten up people, my goodness some people are FAR too serious!!!!!  

Uh, Ed...the guy standing up is a dolphin.   The guy on the ground is a Patriot.   I think that is who we are discussing.   The uniform on the guy on the ground is correct for a Patriot.

SoutherGent you're right....I saw the leg of the Dolphin and thought it was part of the guy on the ground.....born and bred in Massachusetts I should know what the uniform looks like. I'm an idiot!!! LOL

Don't be so hard on yourself! You are foregiven.

This is pretty low.

Agree, if its not for you, shut up and go...if you are looking to your facebook feeds for serious journalism, you should start questioning your own sensibilities, not a fun magazine's

I seriously think there are too many comments, made by the same people on several articles saying the same thing about the quality of the Instinct reporting. Its the age old adage - "If you don't like it, then don't read it" If you're going to leave the page, then hurry up and leave it already!! The rest of us apparently "Stereotypical Gays" can have a bit of a chuckle at the little oddities they put up now and then and then read the more serious journalism in the actual magazine, which you can purchase at the local newsagent rather than freeon the web.

I thank you.

Wow! How cute is he?

Wow!  Does he suffer from significant cuteness.

i love a little "tongue in cheek humor"

Face down, ass up, that's the way I like to F____! lol

I have decided to leave the Instinct page as you have gone so far beneath anything that is are the tmz of gay news....your reporting is do not reflect gay sensible men. You only reflect stereotypes that are less than fair to mature gay men everywhere.

...bye, ashy!

I'm gay. I'm sensible. I also have a sense of humour. Lighten up

Well said. But then again, I've never looked to Instinct for sensible writing let alone mature writing. In our twenties we were every bit the stereotype. I can only imagine that they are "instinctively" catering to that demographic. 


I have decided to leave the Instinct page as you have gone so far beneath anything that is are the tmz of gay news....your reporting is do not reflect gay sensible men. You only reflect stereotypes that are less than fair to mature gay men everywhere.

Damn! He's delish!

It's Hot, but I agree with Carmine about being fake. Nice posting though!! Ignore the negative comments!!

Seriously Instinct?  This is juvenile & borderline offensive.

Seriously, Dave? Seriously? Lighten up.

You've got be kidding.

It's fake



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