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Robot Handjobs Are Coming--Yay??

To be fair it was probably only a matter of time. 

Combining virtual reality with mechanical/robotic technology, Japanese companies Tenga (specialty: sex toys) and Oculus VR (specialty: virtual reality) have joined forces to create a robot that provides hand jobs. 

As Kotaku's explains (and shows in the video below), per this new technology men now get to have virtual sex with anime characters. 

::Golf claps::

Kotaku writes:

This is the VR Tenga demo, made for an Oculus Rift game jam held in Japan on the weekend. It uses some basic software, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and some...other equipment to simulate sexual acts.

Check out the VR Tenga demo in action (don't worry, the men experimenting with it are fully clothed, but you get the idea). 

As of now, this kinda just looks like a flesh jack with (awkward) mobility. Presumably this tech will evolve further and we assume fully interactive porn is probably on the way.

Think robot sex is something you'll find appealing in the future, Instincters?


Image Source (H/T: HuffPo)


I have read a lot about Robotics. These robots can play a lot of games with humans. This technology is going on success with the passage of time.

Yes.. It may be a working robot, as the robotics is at its best in this modern age. I have also done an Engineering Learnership in Robotics, therefore i can say about it very clearly.

Sorry, but I don't get off on anime.

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