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Matt Bomer Debuts New Buzz Cut

The interwebs are a-buzz over Matt Bomer's new look!

Matt Bomer unveiled a buzzed haircut during an appearance at the Television Critic's Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California in promotion of HBO's upcoming film adaptation of the HIV/AIDS crisis drama, The Normal Heart

Matt was joined by director Ryan Murphy and co-stars Julia Roberts, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, and Mark Ruffalo. 

But back to Matt and the loss of those lustrous locks! 

Hair grows back and we dare to say that he's still just as gorgeous as ever. What do you think of Matt's new look? (And remember, it's probably temporary!)


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Jealous guy here, are you kidding?
This man looks hotter with short hair than long hair, so hot and masculine

this man gives me orgasms yeahhhhhhhhhhhh baby

He looks likes Chris O'Donnell with the shaved head. Still handsome, but I definitely prefer the longer hair on him.

Matt Bomer probably got this haircut for the part he was playing in the upcoming HBO movie THE NORMAL HEART, in which he eventually gets HIV/AIDS and dies. I  have heard he does a great job with this role. Congratulations Matt!

I definitely prefer the longer hair. He sorta just looks plain to me with short hair.

I agree, he does look a little plain and not so drop dead sexy as I always see him.

I yelled NOOO! until I clicked the link, then it was YUMMM.

he's a handsome dude hands down...but he can sure rock nice hair, so for as long as he can do the doo...I think he should stick to longer hair for now!!!

Well he is older, look at his chin, there are gray hairs coming out.  Personally I think he looks much better this way.  Can't be a pretty boy forever and better to grown out of it gracefully then looking like a train wreck.  Matt's got it going on, he knows what he is doing.

He looks good and he is SEXY, I never watched his show but I will since he is in it and its about those like me...silly from what I hear he plays someone other than gay...and that is COOL, just to know I and others are represented...make those like me watch show like this and if the show is go the person do not need to be a GLTB they just need to know the acting glee - JUST DO IT RIGHT!

Gives him an edgier look. Not so pretty boy

He looks great.  Hes a great looking man no matter what hair style he has.

Omg, he's hot. My ovaries just exploded.

hahaha ... LMFAO

for some reason he does look older and heavier....get the locks back buddy.

for some reason he does look older and heavier....get the locks back buddy.

He's so beautiful either way. I would ride him in a heartbeat (or let him ride me lol)

Me no likey!

Eeeee, OMG, he looks so much older and colder.  His previous hair  style made him look warmer, kind hearted, and approachable.

He looks hot. Short hair is sexy. Ian, hes still better looking than you.

It's the first time I can really see him as Superman.

Looks fat and older 

I like it when the younger ones start showing some age. Helps the age divide seem a little less broad.

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