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Alexander Skarsgard Gets Naked AGAIN In The South Pole!

That Alexander Skarsgard is so cheeky!

We saw him go full frontal nude on a snow-capped mountain (??) on the season finale of True Blood and now he's stripped down again on the South Pole!

His Walking With Wounded team guide Inge Solheim posted the photo on Instagram, writing: "#southpole -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO ? :-)#alexanderskarsgard"

Oh, Alexander. Never change. 

And call us if you need help keeping warm!


(H/T: Just Jared)


To say I like this guy is just wrong...since he is HETRO (str8) and I am HOMO (gay) but the pics are f*cking hot and sexy for a str8 is he still on TRUEBLOOD I don't watch the show any more...since they went south on me...when it first started it was the its crap...I don't even buy the DVD's anymore, I got what I like!

Well, he's not gay and nudity is nothing in the culture he comes from.  He is just comfortable with his body.   I have always liked him but again he isn't gay so I don't insult him with the stupid comments.

First of all being gay is not an insult. He is a very handsome man posing naked, I assure you that even straight women must have some naughty things to say about him. Nobody is saying that he is gay and even if someone were to imagine him in a gay scenario and speak about it them that is in no way an insult towards him or anyone. Men ogle women all the time saying all sorts of dirty things and get away with it so why can't we appreciate a beautiful man like Eric Northman?!

mmmmmmmmmmm i will suck that cock and fuck him in the snow!!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

great shot


Wondering if the pole in the south of his body is frozen stiff.  I'd love to thaw it out with my hot lips!

Mmmm... I'd like to lick his South Pole! Hope my tongue doesn't get frozen on! Cause I would be like so totally embarrassed! ;-)

Alexander is such a handsome man! Woof! 

Please stop saying "woof", don't make "woof" happen.

unfortunately it's been happening already....alot... but only in the culture of certain gay men.

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