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HBO Gay Series 'Looking' Reveals New Trailer

HBO's Looking just dropped a new trailer and we think this is the best one yet! What about you, Instincters?!! 

Looking premieres January 19 at 10:30 p.m. on HBO and we can't wait! Will you be tuning in to our newest gay themed series, Instincters?


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I almost just peed my pants when Jonathan Groff said "I just asked out my boss while straddling a torpedo. And he said no.."

Meh not interested. Maybe it it was more diverse

This is so sad. Yet another gay show with predominantly white, upper-class males. Why can't there be a show that represents more than just a slice of the gay community? What ever happened to diversity? I will be tuned out and writing my own show. 

Yes, I will be watching. Get my popcorn popped, and I am ready to watch.


I'm so excited for this show, and I'm loving hearing Walk The Moon's "Tightrope" as the background music! That band is pure joy! I'm so overjoyed!!!

Where are all the fat feminine gays that really make up the SF community?

Too funny. lol. True. Where are the fat queens? Tell me HBO won't make them cabaret...ish kinda characters. And where are the "usual" femme gay boys? I am not too crazy about this new show either.


what happened to the black cast member?  cut?

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