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Gabourey Sidibe Slays Twitter Haters After Golden Globes

American Horror Story: Coven's Gabourey Sidibe had the last laugh Sunday night, after the Golden Globes. Spurned into action by free flowing hate speech on Twitter attacking her appearance at the Globes, Gabourey let the masses have it with one brilliant fell swoop. 

In response to comments like @jack_antoinette's (which reads, "I get it Gabourey Sidibe you tried to do the "hour-glass" look in that dress. You just missed it about 10 hours"), the critics' darling replied:

Thanks for the master class in sass, Gabby!

(h/t & image: Cosmo)


She did that!! (in my Tamar Braxton voice, dropping the Mic). #keepitclassygg

Which of course raises the question, can society only love an artist, an entertainer as long as they look a certain way and why the constant pressure to have to look or behave a certain way in the first place? After all who are we in love with in the first place and what does the detraction really have to say about the detractors in the first place?

You look great! amazing and confident.... very smart response!!

This short article praising Gabourey Sidibe's response to Twitter-haters regarding her Red Carpet look is, on the surface, a "you go girl" moment. I really wanted to write a blurb of empowerment and support, but I don't find that reflected here. I'm frequently disappointed in "Instinct" for its preoccupation with absurdism, hyper-masculinity, whiteness, and its general lack of objectives as a "gay magazine." (i.e. It attempts to represent itself as a celebratory space for LGBT issues and culture, while also headlining news of fathers who sell their sons into sex-slavery).

I find myself asking: from a subculture that values such a narrow silhouette--on men and women--as "sexy" or "beautiful," are they really only rallying to Sidibe's side because they perceive her as sassy? Diva-ish? 

Why is the only acceptable defense for gays is that heavy women (or men) respond like divas? Should we not be rallying to intercept the hate speech from the ignorant? Holding ourselves accountable to the ways in which we encourage the perception of heavy/overweight bodies as easy targets? Am I being unfair here? 

I'd like to see an article directed at the widespread amount of fat-shaming and psychological assault that occurs against LGBT peoples within their own community.

I understand where you are coming from. I myself often find myself asking the same questions. But the point is they are reporting a woman who is strong enough to remind the people who torment her day in and day out that their words can't change how the world works. Shes showing us she can handle her life situations and doesn't need everybody rushing to her side. 

well think u are very pretty ,people are so mean .u got skills and they dont .love you bob

FIERCE!!! that's my girl!

It is no easy thing being overweight, take it from someone who is and has been both.  She is a great actress, and THAT is why she is where she is.  KARMA will kick those jerks in the ass for putting such negative crap out there.  She can loose weight, but you can't loose heartless.   


LOVE her!



Work that shade Bitch :-)

Loved her on The Big C

Oooh Miss Gabby threw some serious Shade!!! Tell 'em girl!!!!!!!

Haha, she has a new fan in me! 

Now if only she could act.

she can and she did

You go, girl!

Yeah!  what Wayne said!

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