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Madonna & Adele Working On Collaboration?

According to the Daily Mail, Madonna has enlisted Adele's help for a "grown up" follow up to MDNA. 

Queen of reinvention Madge has asked the 25-year-old songstress to help her, promising in return to write a song for Adele's next record.  'They have met in London and plan  a writing session to produce a track for each other's new albums,' says a source close to 55-year-old Madonna.

Are you ready for this??


Love MADONNA; at least the 80's-90's one. Ha!, but I don't believe that for a minute. ADELE would blow Madonna out of the water with just a whisper.

Madonna wouldn't dare. Adele is a real singer.

Since when does Madonna actually write a song? 

Madonna writes and/or collaborates on 95% of all songs that she has sang right from the beginning (all the way back to her first album).  People who don't read things like song credits shouldn't write about song credits. Research....THEN write.  

U serious? Do your research before making stupid statements :/

Yes!  I've been waiting for Our Holy Mother of All Material Things to make a smart move!


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