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Beyonce Choreographer Jonte Moaning Is Giving Us "Dejavux" In New Music Video

If the choreography performed by stunning trios in Jonte Moaning's killer new music video "Dejavux" do, in fact, strike you with deja vu, not to worry; this sickening Club Kid is Beyonce's choreographer, and he's unafraid to put his resume on display in the music video for the dance single.

Now that's fucking talent.

(h/t: NewNowNext)


 Truly we are in the end of times.

He looks like a drug f*cked Mini Mouse!


WOW!Fucking Awesome!

Great work,thank you!


Now This was fierce! 


  stick to choreographing for Beyoncé and not lose a good thing while he's got it. 

wonder what Beyoncé thinks of his drug use in his video

that's the thing about art culture, there's always going to be haters.

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