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Indiana: Church Loses 80 Percent Of Congregation After Pastor Gets Rid Of Choir Director For Being Gay

An overwhelming super majority of the First United Methodist Church's parishioners have abandoned the congregation in a move that restores much faith in humanity. 

Adam Fraley worked at the Alexandria, Indiana church for more than six years as choir director and attended service regularly with his partner. Things changed last year when a xenophobic new pastor took over and immediately worked to get rid of Fraley. 

Little did the new reverend know that bigots were in the minority at Alexandria's United Methodist. Former Lay Leader David Steele has come forward to claim that 80 percent of parishioners have left the church due to Mantor's homophobia. 

Raw Story reports:

Fraley, who took the job at the behest of David’s wife, Nancy Steele, six years ago, said he was not openly gay while working at the church. But his partner attended services with him and the Steele family said it was “obvious” Fraley was gay.

Regardless of his orientation, Fraley was the choral director for the church and everyone enjoyed his work. Then, earlier this year, a new minister came in who said he was uncomfortable with Fraley leading the music. Although the minister didn’t fire him, Fraley eventually resigned because of an added work load. He said he felt uncomfortable with the ways things had gone after the new minister came in.

After six months on the job, the church got a new interim minister, David Mantor, in September. Steele, who served as the intermediary between the congregation and the minister, said the church body hoped the new minister would allow Fraley to come back as choir director.

After originally saying he was fine with Fraley coming back, the Steeles said Mantor changed his mind three weeks after he was hired.

“It’s almost like he’s hijacked the church,” Steele, who has also been removed by leadership, said. “He is completely going against what the church body wants.”

Methodist doctrine does allow for the LGBT community to attend services, but prohibits openly-gay people from "serving" the church. Most of those who attended First United Methodist believe that ambiguous limitation refers solely to serving at the alter, and want Fraley reinstated as choir director. 

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My prayers go's out to the pastor who stood for what was right , it's a shame that this country has fallen so low, as to it's morals and the perversions that has gripped this country. One thing is sure the blind wants to stay blind and are leaders of the blind. This is what is spoken by the prophet in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 this is what is happening now many are blind and want to stay that way. This is the time of great delusion. So I say to that minister of God stand strong cause this will not last always, an end is coming soon and sooner then we think.


This doesn't only happen in this Church,  The pastor of my church is also the Chaplain in the county prison, and his feeling about homosexuality, you can see the venom when he even mentions the possibility happening in the jail.  Thank you to those who have shared the Greek Bible. It helps me accept my relationship with God.

I thought Church was non profit status which means they receive a reprieve from paying any taxes.  As such, they are obliged to follow the laws of the 501 (c) regulations.  This would include non discrimination against any person who attends their establishment.  This Church should lose its' not for profit status immediatley.


I think of "homophobic" as being a subset of "xenophobic".

Yeah, I was waiting for the part where the pastor's xenophobia came into play.  I guess the author mean xeno in the sense of "different." 

Do they not realize how dumb their statement is? You can serve the church if you are gay but, not if you are openly gay. WHAT? People who use the bible as a weapon really need to read it.

Bigots need to quit using the bible as a weapon. If people would take the time and read the original Greek and Hebrew versions they would find out that the English version added homosexuality to the bible in 1946. It was not a word until the late 1800's.

Where it says 'man with man' (English version)  the book is talking about rape, prostitution, brutality, domineering, pagan orgies and adulterous practice. (Greek version).

The word used in the Greek Bible (The original Bible) is' arsenokoitai' which describes a male who takes sexual advantage of another male. As in master using his superior power over a slave. That is called RAPE.

There are only 6 verses out of over 33,000 that mention homosexuality, again in the English version. Whereas there are many,many more verses that condemns the judgemental, self righteous and the hypocrites.

Romans 2:1  Therefore you have no excuse,O man everyone of you who judges. For in passing judgement on another, you condemn yourself because you, the judge, practice the very same thing."

People who misquote the bible thinks that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of homosexuality when Jesus himself said it was because of inhospitality. Wouldn't He have said something about it if there were about homosexuality,too?

Jesus said in Matthew 19;11-12 " for there are eunuchs (effeminate men) who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who were made by others (castration) and those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. (Celibacy/priesthood)"

It's funny how the gay bashers who use the bible to bash and condones violence against gays break more than half of the 10 commandments on a daily basis.

Gay people can be saved just like straight people.

In John 3:16 it says "for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" 

Galations- 3:28 - There is no longer Jew or gentile, slave or master, male or female; for ALL of you are one in Christ.

Matthew 11:28 - "Come to me, ALL of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Psalm 145:21 My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise His holy name.

So, to the gays out there that are turned off from God, there are gay churches out there for you if you want to give it try. It's not about religion. Religion is what keeps everything screwed up for everyone. Too many rules. It's about fellowship in seeking God's presence. 

Give it a try. You can always leave it if isn't for you.

To all the homophobes and haters, no matter what you say or do, gays are out and there is nothing you can do about so you might as well accept it.

Your use of Scripture, aside from being extremely self-serving, is also intellectually dishonest. I won't take up the space here to lay out the exegesis, but if you want to utilize scripture, you must be true to the text and its intent.

You are awesome!!!!!

Well said!

Amen, well said. God is love, this is not love. Ergo. This is not God.

  Thanks for saving me the time of having to write much the same!

I find it curious that the religious fundamentalists who once called me "friend" will never enter an objective, calm, thoughtful, dialogue about these issues with me......they just get silent.  No response at all.  I've even named this dynamic when it happens and still nothing.  It is such a common experience, that a church where I was a member for 18 years and served in pastoral ministry never even acknowledged my letter of transfer to another congregation over these very issues.  They just quietly struck my name from the rolls.  I didn't leave because we differed in our views; I left because no one was willing to talk about anything other than what they thought was Right and True (yes, capital R, capital T).  Sad beyond words.  To quote John Philip Newell from a speaking engagement I attended:  "It is an insecure faith that cannot consider the beliefs of another."

Beautifully stated.  Thank you.

A big thank you to every member who left that church , to stand up for what is right.

I just think its funny how God is supposedly this being of pure love and God loves everyone, and everyone is welcome in the house of God but gays "are prohibited from serving the church", not that im a christian- because im so not- but i was forced to attend church services growing up and that phrase just doesnt sound very Godly. But that may be just me.

I vol. for my church for years.  Born in this church and attended for 34 years.  I made the choice to come out and not lie about who I was any longer.  As soon as the Christmas Season was over the minister pulled me into his office and said that I was no longer welcome and I could come back when I made the right choice.  Well I did make the right choice.  I haven't stepped foot back into a service there.  I grew up at The Salvation Army in Marshalltown, IA.  There have been articles about the LGBT community and the Army.  The Salvation Army stated that they dont discriminate againist the LGBT community which is a half truth.  They may not be able to fire you as an employee because they don't have the loop hole yet, they may not be able to refuse you help when you need it because they except Government money.  But ask them about being a member or joining as a member and you will find out the other side of them.  They used me and kicked me out after they got done using me for their Christmas season.  I have nothing good to say about them.  Will never see the day I give them a dime.

Before coming out as a gay man, I was a Superintendent in the United Methodist Church.  Because I was clergy, I was forced out of the ministry, but there is nothing in the United Methodist Book of Discipline (Rules) that prohibits gay laity from serving in staff or leadership positions.  This was obviously the result of a homophobic and bigoted minister abusing his power.

"Things changed last year when a xenophobic new pastor took over and immediately worked to get rid of Fraley."

Does the writer mean homophobic??  Xenophobic describes a person with a fear of foreigners or strangers.

Xenophobic is just the fear or intense irrational dislike of people from other countries.

Wait, I'm Methodist and we ALWAYS had a gay choir director.  My father, a lay minister in the church always reinforced that the church is open to all, to love and respect each other.  Good for the congregation to show their support.

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