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Jared Leto Gets Naked For New Shoot With Terry Richardson [NSFW]

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Fresh off talking about his "bubble butt" while accepting his Golden Globe on Sunday, Jared Leto has all but shown off his bubble butt in a new photo shoot with famed photog Terry Richardson. And we've never hated a towel so much. 

Behold the new NSFW-ish shoot which Terry shared on Tumblr:




Grow up he shits like all of us

Grow up he sits like all of us

podia ser sem a toalha ;)

He is sex. I'm thinking, Christian Grey.

Oh definitely would have been best choice as his got the attitude to fit the bill x

Looks as if he will be a polygamist, because there are A LOT of us wanting him as our husband ;) Such a beautiful man, a beautiful soul and a beautiful artist.

Just so much love for you, Mr. Leto!

You wish you would look so good at 42 years old.

my future husband :)

Those long nipple hairs GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Body shaming is so weak. You're an internet bully leaving a comment on a photo of someone you'll never have any personal connection to. Good for you!

Instead of shaming people for letting their bodies do what they do naturally, maybe you could read a book and brush up on your writing skills.

All those tattoos are rather unfortunate.   You would think that he could afford something a little nicer.

Those tattoos represent his commitment to and love for his band, 30 Seconds To Mars. Duh.

Tattoos are a personal choice. Sometimes, no one has any idea what they represent except for the person that has them.Truth be told, it's none of your business. I'm quite sure he did not get them for you. It's not about affordability, it's about what he wanted.

I would marry him.

Nice body nic sex

 And perhaps a little love and thanks to Terry Richardson for bringing out the man in Jared Leto that society so desperately wants to see in effeminate actors lest they get too carried away….

Boyfriend to the rescue....chins up girl, he wasn't into you even as a str8

BETTERFLY........................GOD IN  U.><>>>>>>>>>>>>

I don't get the Terry Richardson draw- like how does this count as professional photography? Looks like anyone's post shower iPhone pics.

The reason Richardson is special isn't because of the photographs themselves, but rather the people in them. A celebrity isn't going to pose like this for just any photographer. For some reason they all drop trow for him though. 

NSFW = click bait

Looks like a buff rock & roll Jesus! Hotness

Cute but unless you work in a church how is this NOT safe for work?

I was thinking the exact same thing!

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