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James Blunt: "Gay People Are My Number One Fans"

James Blunt has always been a friend to the community, but he takes his allegiance one step further in a new interview that appears in French mag Voici. Not only does James revel in the fact that "gay people are my number one fans," he divulges that he has no issue if people think he's gay himself. "It doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I was in the military."

"I’ve often joked about it and don’t have any problem with people’s sexuality,” he added. “Gay people are my number one fans.”

James went on to ask fans if we've noticed that "Bonfire Heart," his most recent music video, "is like a mixture of Brokeback Mountain and Top Gun?"

Hmm, not really, James Blunt. But we'll give it another go.

Did you make the connection?

(h/t: NNN)




I got the "Top Gun" part...

The song is nice, I must be missing the Brokeback mountain and Top Gun mix in there. 

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