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World's Tallest Waterslide Unveils Terrifying Video Tour

"Verrukt," which translates into "insane" in German, is being touted as the world's tallest waterslide and already seared itself in our nightmares when its construction was announced back in November.

Now the Kansas City, Kansas based waterslide of terror, which you'll find at Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, has a virtual tour video that will inevitably find a way to haunt our dreams. 

17 stories high (taller than Brazil's 134.5 foot tall "Insano"). 264 steps to get to the top. 65 miles per hour speed. (And those seemingly low sides!!)


Those stairs. Nope. 


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some did not watch the video. It says, you and three of your friends. It's a raft ride, at Schlitterbaun in kansas City. Read, people read. And if you are too chicken to ride then don't. I personally just wish that there was some other way to get up but stairs! lol

I can just picture the engineers designing this:

"Dude, I've got this awesome idea for a roller coaster! It'll be like dropping off the side of a skyscraper!"

"I don't know... sounds like it'll make people piss their pants."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Better make it a water slide!"

Its a 4 person slide with a raft lift.... You will not be sliding by yourself. Also, the curves in the slide represent angles that are less than that of gravity and so your raft falls faster than the slide, holding you to the slide. Engineers are not dumb and have taken necessary precautions to make sure their slide does not kill people. That would not be a very profitable slide if it caused multiple lawsuits.....

What angle is gravity again? I always forget that one.

straight down

This is clearly a raft slide... you people are ridiculous... im sure protective measures will be taken and no one will
Die... rather than knocking it before u try it... just shut up and stay home.
ignorance is bliss

Get angry much? 

It's not going to be a bodyslide it is too wide. Also the black things on the hill look like the electromagnetic propulsion systems like Holiday World's water coasters. It will probably have a four seater raft.

Like to see how many injuries or deaths this slide is going to cause :-\ lol

You would definitely need a strong bathing suit to survive the speed and friction in the slide or else end up naked at the bottom.  

The Germans like people.

and its in the middle of nowhere... cool.

after climbing that many stairs you d be so angry that any fear would be gone and only to possibly fall off would be your best bet to surpass the pain your legs would be in lmao...I need to get my passport made i'm comin kansas :)


No, it's in Kansas City. The water park is German themed. Reading the article is generally helpful when commenting on the article, just for future reference. 


I guess the 17 story climb will insure that your heart won't stop on the way down!

I love the idea of this, but I went to a much smaller one and somehow the momentum and speed flipped me from my back to my front and I almost went over the side and dropped 25 feet (according to those watching me). It definitely needs sides for safety!

I am afraid that they would have "hash marks" on that new white slide!

How about knocking off a few more of us. I would never allow any of my children or grandchildren to go on a ride like that. I would be sending them to their death.

American engineering.. never looks complete! sure this isn't Russian

I'm sorry.  I couldn't hear you from history's back-pages.

The biggest wedgie in the history of Mankind awaits you!

I think I just shipped my pants

They seriously need to add protective siding to this!

Completely agree. When I first saw this, I immediately thought "but what if someone falls off the sides?"

Exactly. It is a raft slide, but the raft thing could still go over.



My sphincter would pucker so bad that you couldn't drive a 16 penny nail up it with a jack hammer.

All in!!!!!! Who's going with me..................

That shit cray! Similar body slide in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, only a lot smaller but hella fun.

How do you not just tip forward and fall off with the degree of the slide, it looks like a straight drop surely gravity would just have you falling forward????

No it won't happen. Physics. 

Gravity only pulls you down.

but wouldn't the Coriolus Effect attempt to turn you in a clock-wise direction? or is that counter clock-wise???   

towards the hemisphear 

Coriolis effect does not work o a body that small..... The raft would have to be miles across for coriolis to affect.

I think they should charge people to mark the surrounding field where they think the bodies will land then give the winner a free ride 

Funny but true.

They should charge people to mark the nearby field where they think the bodies will land and give the winner a free ride

I bet Chase would love that!

They say people die in three's....Here ya go !!!!!!!!!

It seats four.

lol yes it sure does you and three friends, so that makes four, lol

Aw but the three friends will be going to their doom.  You, being the fourth person in the statistic, would be the one to survive.

Look great until they get their first fatility then the youknowwhat will hit the fans all over the world.

It's not the slide that bothers me its the 17 story stair climb I can do five stories that's good exercise but damn how about an escalator or something lol

watching that video made my stomach drop, fucccccccck that.

Try sliding it headfirst if sliding it normally is no challenge ^^

No Ernie-thats


It's a roller coaster with're in a four - person raft. I just saw the entire article and video online. Looks awesome. I'd ride it anytime. Long lines and all.

"Verruckt" sounds a lot like "You're F****d!"

That would be, "verfickt", haha.

Hahahaha!! Awesome!
I can see the their lawyers in court, "Look we told them right in the name of the ride".

Thanks for sharing this nice info expect some more in near future.

If you look at the top of the slide, it has rollers that are made to help a tube get going. Also, the video says you and three friends which indicates it will be a tube slide not a body slide. This information may also be gathered by the tube ramp on the side.. Bring it on! I will ride it :D

Verruckt is the correct spelling in German

without the Umlaut over the u of course...

There is a slide in Moncton NB, Canada and it is a fraction of the size and people have lifted off, I can't imagine what might happen here. Woman should definitely wear a 1

either way, the unibomber is in jail

If you don't have the guts then why are you even typing on here. Looks like a rush that I need!!! Lol

I weight 125 pounds I would have to bring weights 40 pounds each hand just to stay on the thing and tell the tale.


I believe he meant "40# weights for each hand" to keep him on the slide...

What's wrong with "weights, 40 pounds each"?

Not forty individual kinds of weights.

Does Schliitterbahn mean "shit yer pants" in German?!!

Be cooler if it was a body slide...just sayin


Would you not think that if you catch air you would fly right of the thing!

Completely agree, catch air and then drop 10 storeys to your death at the bottom, OMG


It can be both. Get a dictionary smart ass.

the way to keep the line short and weed out the men from the boys would be to make you carry the tube up.  shit, once at the top sliding down will look a lot more welcoming than having o walk down

 Sorry, not for me!  I love rollercoasters but this seems too much....have fun guys!

we have a slide 12 times taller than this p#ssy slide

12 times huh? Show me a picture then keyboard warrior.

ITS JOHN LENNON! He is obviously commenting from HEAVEN! Can't wait to slide down with you John!

Obviously you don't or your slide would be the tallest water slide in the world.  Don't be such a hater just because you know how to type.

You might need special shorts for this one!

Swim diaper.  No matter your age or continence level.

This is "contract signing" slide... or will be. Watch. It will happen.

That's exactly what I was thinking....

The SchlitterShitter!

I am so ready for this!!!!!!

You mean ShitterSchlitter!? 

I would totally go on that slide. Looks like lots of fun so u might break a bone or all still looks fun 2 me haha

I am sure walls will be constructed on the slide. Lets see what it looks like when it is done.

I would do this in a second!!!!

It says you and three friends people, which means this will be a tube ride.  Not a body slide. 

you're right. that could also be gathered from the ramp next to the slide for tubes.

German verrückt
English: mad, crazy, screwy, daft

I know nothing won't stop me for going down it once lol

Is your double negative there intentionally;)

Intentional? Maybe?

I bet there will be lots of BROWN WATER to slow down in----lol

Someone is going to die on this on the first day. Calling it now. Too fast, sides to low, someone will lose control and go flying off the slide. Terrible to even think this was a good idea. 

I agree. This is far too dangerous. u could suffer the rest of your life if you injure your back badly due to the slopes having too sharp of an angle etc.

Is no one going to catch that this man is Sir Isaac FUCKING Newton here?!?! I think he has a right to his two-cents.

No one needs ur bit h

I absolutely agree this is ridiculous

which one of you are waterslide engineers is what I want to know.  how can you say people are going to die.  ignorance in bliss i guess

Waterslide engineers?  Like the people who designed the "Loop" at Action Park?


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