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Chris Pine Denounces U.S. Response To Russia's Anti-Gay Law

Actor Chris Pine is currently making the promotional rounds for his latest film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a Tom Clancy based thriller that deals with the tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

Pine has his own issues with current relations between the two countries, especially as it pertains to Russia's anti-gay laws and the response by the United States.

According to The Associated Press:

Chris Pine says the U.S. should have done more in the run-up to the Sochi Olympics to protest Russia's anti-gay legislation, which he calls "clearly awful, archaic, hostile nonsense."

"I think we should do more than just send gay Olympians there," the 33-year-old actor said in an interview while promoting his film "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit." ''What's happening there in terms of gay rights or the lack of it is extraordinary and awful."

What's your take on Pine's stance??


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I like 2 meet chris pine o my he is so sexy nd 4 fighting 4 gay rites so sexy

My only question to Mr. Pine be: what specific suggestions would he offer?

Two sentences and a quotation. Awesome journalism, Instinct!

You've never experienced love if you restrict others.

Alright ... I marry him RIGHT NOW !!!

GO CHRIS !!!!!!!!!

I'd like to see more of Chris Pine before I comment......

JK.. Totally agree

Chris Pine just became a thousand times sexier. He is the new blue eyes for our generation.

Thank you Chris Pine. Definitely a PineNut for Chris Pine.

Chris pinews is amazing!!!!!

He just became a thousand times hotter. 

Thanks to Chris for his comments.  But really, do we honestly think that the Soviet-era mindset of "crush 'em 'til they give up" simply vanished in 1991 when the Soviet Union was dismantled?  I don't think so, and their true colors are being shown now.  And, the US' true colors are showing as well - an official slap on the Russian's hands along with demands, but nothing very strong. 

Chris Pine rocks!

Chris Pine rocks!

Chris Pine "gets" it, which is more than I can say for the US Olympic officials or (recently) out gay athletes like Brian Boitano.

It's really not even just about gay rights, it's about being able to live whatever life you choose without harm to anyone else. I'm surprised the Russians are now hiding behind religion when's urging the Soviet era, they were largely a non -religious state. They are simply looking for people to take their aggression out on, bullying, chauvinism, and masichism being hallmark traits of the post-Soviet Russian society. 

Thank you

Thanks Chris for your adamant stance on gay rights across the globe it means alot to me and all my gay friends

I LoveYouChris

Way to go Chris .. 

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