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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Surprise NYC Bus Passengers With "Can't Hold Us" Performance

Where some New Yorkers were treated to an anxiety attack thanks to the team behind Devil's Due, others were privy to having Macklemore's package thrust in their faces as they rode a bus along Broadway. 

The Grammy-nominated artist surprised NYC bus passengers along with partner-in-crime Ryan Lewis with a performance of "Can't Hold Us," all of it supposedly a "surprise" to promote the Grammy's. It's difficult to take the whole "surprise" of it all without a grain of salt, as it feels kind of staged and the time stamp on the "bus video" means that something would've leaked on social networks back in the fall. Regardless of whether it's a set-up, it's nice to see one of our Top Favorite Friends of 2013 promoting public transportation. 


It was all staged, anyone can see it.  If it were real, there would have been passengers hollering about the bus driving past their stop.  Plus there were all sorts of camera shots, but never once do we see a camera. 

Are you kidding? There were cameras visible throughout the video. (You can make a very professional video with nicely shot and cut smartphone camera footage.)

Don't be a hater dear

now i know who he is...i keep hearing his name but did not realize when i hear this song on the radio that that is him...oh i must put down the vodka...i like this guy

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