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Great Great Grandmother Hires Male Stripper For 100th Birthday [NSFW]

If we're able to make our great great grandchildren blush like Doris Deahardie has done, then we'll know we're sticking to our aspirations when we near 100-years old. The newly-minted English centenarian decided to send her first century on the planet out with a bang by hiring a male stripper, and she was sure to specify that she wanted full nudity when arranging the deal with the agency. 

"I told the lad he might have to be careful with her because of her age,but then she told me she wanted the whole lot!" said the birthday girl's daughter-in-law.

Here's the NSFW video that we hope is basically like staring into the crystal balls at our future:


And here are the safest pics of Doris' big day courtesy from the bunch at Lincolnshire Echo:




Awesome for her. That "stripper" needs to learn how to do a proper performance though. He dances like a straight white boy.

would that make her a pedophile? lol

Oh I agree --- she's got good taste indeed! 

Good on her. A girl after my own heart.

Good girl; I like her taste too.

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