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'American Horror Story' Season Four Will Be Set In The Year....


From the mouth of American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy himself, Entertainment Weekly is exclusively reporting exactly when season four of AHS will be set!

“It’s set in 1950,” Murphy reveals exclusively to EW. “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”

Start doing your homework, Instincters!! Which horrors do you think American Horror Story will be shining a light on in 1950?!


Seriously????Jessica Lange is one of the great beauties of our time and she's aging like a beautiful woman should age. Hands off!

What an ugly, old hag. Besides Joan Collins, are there any good looking actresses over 55?

They need to retire before this age. Not like they need the money!

Gee I hope you don't get old and someone says that about you. With an attitude like that you shouldn't be making any comments at all.

you should probably just kill yourself Kev. you're too dumb to live happily

Your parents didn't do well by you.

Obviously you don't live in a world with real people on those you approve of...and since you have no approval over what actresses they my mother used to say...if you don't have anything to say then don't say anything at all.

You Sir, are an idiot.  She probably still has more sex appeal and swagger than you ever had, not to mention the talent. 

you must be joking, or seeking reaction. 

I see. I take it that you only watch "young TV"? Well, the older population greatly outnumbers the younger at this point, and smart businesspeople in the television industry know to cater their programming to them, so get used to seeing people like this. By the way, YOU'RE going to be old in about half an hour, and I'll venture to guess that Jessica Lange is MUCH better looking older person than you will be. Remember this post in 30 years.  :)  I myself think she is quite beautiful in any case, old or young.

That is completely uncalled for!! She is an AMAZING actress, has been involved in many classic works and is TOTALLY right for this series!!!! She deserves the respect she is due, not self-absorbed-shallow-ass-no-couth-having-hateful-brats who just think something is good because it has a pretty girl in it!!!!

Murphy already said that it will be set in New Mexico and will be centered around its famous residents. I'm thinking aliens.

They already did Nazis in Asylum so that's out. But Carny Freaks were very much in. 

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong. But 50s nazi and Jew hatred was strong right?? I'm thinking that was the 40s... But German accent had me thinking hard about it. 

Marlene Dietrich in Las Vegas while developing the Hydrogen Bomb?

I always loved her and when I lived in Virginia, she was in Culpepper, Va., making the Movie Hush.  

Jessica Lang will play iconic German actress Marlene Dietrich and AH will explore the sleaze of Old Hollywood. Even though The Black Dahlia was murdered in 1947 her sadist killer was NEVER found.

Her sadist killer was indeed found. Get Steve Hodel's Black Dahlia Avenger or Most Evil, about how his father, Doctor George Hodel, was the killer, and he was responsible for deaths around the world, as well. Steve was an LAPD homicide detective who broke the case. I am preparing a book about how that same doctor ruined my mom's life when he raped her in 1958, Manila, Philippines. The story was told on Steve Hodel's blog page on his website in March, 2013.

Oh yes twisted sister you and I think alike!

Well I think that Jessica will be playing Marlene Dietrich.  Ryan Murphy already said that he wanted to make this happen for Jessica in an interview last year. She wanted to go out playing a character that she has always wanted to portray. Marlene was a German Actress who became an American citizen in 1939.

Nuclear energy was new and many Nazi scientists were brought here to help make the atomic bomb.  What freaky experiments did they try out? Hmmmmm!

I hope it's a "circus freaks" theme! 

Freak show in a circus?

the rosenbergs and McCarthy 

I have a feeling that the specific timeline/Important Event(s) would either be the Germans fleeing from the Iron Curtain that divided Germany or the huge segregation of minorities (INCLUDING) the Germans.

Love AHS!  I'm just excited to hear that Jessica Lange will be back! I heard rumors that she wouldn't be.  It just wouldn't be the same without her!

Unfortunately, next season is her last. I really hope she changes her mind. She makes the show. 

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