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Retailer Faces Backlash For Selling 'Gay Away' Pills

No, these aren't currently being dispensed to gays in Russia. They're actually being sold right here in North America--Manitoba, Canada to be exact. 

The novelty item, which actually just contains candy, has caused an out cry and the owner of the store that carried the "pills" has since removed them from shelves. 

According to CBC News:

The store's owner told CBC News on Wednesday afternoon that she has removed the gag item from shelves after receiving calls from concerned parents.

Rachelle Mistelbacher apologized and insisted that her business is still a family store, and the addition of Gay Away was an oversight and an "honest mistake."

Calls to Laughrat, the Toronto-based company that produced Gay Away and other gag items, were not returned on Wednesday.

Quite the oversight. We wonder how they missed that one during inventory and purchasing??

At least we know what's going into the gift bags at the next ex-gay conference.


Image Source (H/T: Queerty)


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show me your teeth

Go suck on a dirty, old man dick, or a black dick that ain't been washed in a few days, with ultra long pubic hairs to get stuck in your teeth.

This will cure your gayness!!

wtf really, why do you have to bring race into this. what do you have against blacks!

Sorry about kevDobbinsBham, it seems to me he's insecure and has inferiority issues, so he puts down others in a useless attempt at making himself feel better about himself.

For the mentally challenged... Yes it is a real NOVELTY product. It is a joke item.

Gag gift??? WTF??? There is no Straight Away pill or Gag gift. As a Bisexual radical, if you go after Gay people for being Gay... Then don't forget to equally go after the Straight people for being Straight. "Gag gift them all!"

I'm  as gay as a Christmas tablecloth and think it is funny.  It shows the idiocy of any attempt to de-gay someone and it highlights how ridiculous those attempts truly are.  Sometime the best defense is not confrontation, but wit.

I'm gay and have a great sense of humor, I don't consider myself overly sensitive either. I was also put into gay deprogramming as a teen. It was a very confusing and painful time. This is not funny, it's still too close to how many people feel. Would Black Off or De-Jewing pills be so funny? It's my opinion we need or still be wary about this sort of 'joke'.

Gay here, too.  And I think people need to have a clue.  And a laugh.  Great product.

Lol I saw that and had to share it with my 4 straight roomates. That is ridiculous no pill can calm this flame. Great shit though.

I laughed out loud, but I am only 63 years old, so I remember when most people did not even own a TV . 

I'm gay and think this is hilarious. You have to be able to laugh at yourselves sometimes. It's the best medicine. 

Besides, the might being gay more palatable for some! 

Yeah.  I'm guessing the people laughing at this grew up in the years after being gay wasn't positively reflected on TV.

I'm gay and this doesn't offend me at all, people just need to stop being so sensitive to things that are clearly a joke. 

The claim is that Gay Away is "The Meat Substitute." Sorry, there is no good substitute for meat, especially sausage.

Ok love it lol im a tranny and still laugh about this

Nothing funny about the insult meant here.  And YES I have a sense of humor, but my sense of dignity is stronger.  There is nothing funny in insinuating there is something wrong with being gay, that would warrant a cure.

Not at all funny!

Funny as a righteous televangelist!

This is hilarious. I would totally buy these. It's a novelty item people!! A joke!! 

I think Carlos Mencia said it best: "if you can take a dick, you can take a joke!"  

And before you get all worked up, I AM gay...

Well said Diego !

This cannot be real.  The box states the following:
     Dr. Neil Formee
     Back Door Commando Laboratories 
     Hershey Hwy, Pennsylvania  


Did you even read the article? Of course it's not real. 

Yes it's real.
The store was up in Manitoba.

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