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'Days Of Our Lives' Will Horton Recast Revealed! Who's Replacing Chandler Massey?

Following the news that Chandler Massey had gotten an early boot from his popular role as Will on Days of Our Lives, the question on many of your minds (and ours), was who would be replacing him in daytime's arguably most popular and prominent gay role?

Well we've got an answer!

The role of Will Horton will now be played by actor Guy Wilson!

NBC hasn't officially confirmed the news, but Guy's new co-star Jen Lilley let the news slip during a radio interview. 

Lilley said: “I am very worried for Guy Wilson, who is replacing Chandler (Massey), because I love Chandler.  It’s really hard to be a recast, and I can understand from an audiences point of view also why it’s hard.  It’s tricky.  I always give the analogy of my favorite show:  If anyone but Michael C. Hall played “Dexter”, I would freak out.   I hope people will be nice to Guy Wilson, because there is a scary thing built into being a recast because of the audience, and the awesome fan base.  You guys are so loyal!”

Are you willing to give Guy Wilson a shot, Instincters? Think he's got what it takes to make Will (and Will & Sonny!!) work??


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Sorry to any gays I may offend but I too fast forward when the gay love scenes come on.  I just cringe and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.  In my mind it's just wrong.  I know I know it's considered narrow minded but being raised Catholic and with certain values It truly offends me.  I am hoping the story line changes.  It's a shame because there are many viewers who can't watch this stuff and going to other soaps.  I do know many gays who have turned straight so I know it can happen.  A story line that goes that way would be great.  I'm certainly not judging only God can do that.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me.  I really appreciate it.  Nice to know that many soap actors are really nice guys in "real life."  Well if all those guys are really straight, it takes a lot of courage and real acting to openly kiss and hug, etc., playing a part that would not be natural in their own lives ... straight or gay.  Bravo !!

I love Days of Our Lives and have been watching it for many years.  I am a faithful and loyal fan.

I do NOT like it when cast members are replaced with new characters, it is very hard to accept.  I hated that they made Arianna's character die.  I loved her on Passions.  I was thrilled when all three, Rafe, Brady and Arianna joined Days Cast.  I would love to see "Tabitha" play a guest spot.

I saw the very first show when Sammy Brady began on Days.  Then, I saw her live her in my town a couple of years ago and got to meet her.  She is even MORE beautiful in "real life" than on the show even.  I love it that several couples on Days have gotten married and have families.  Good for them.  Especially Julia and Doug that they have been happily married for all of these years.  I hated it when Mrs. Horton died ... such sadness as she was always the "rock" of the show.  Stefano is as BAD as ever :)   Hope is eternally beautiful and Jennifer is a darling and so "buff."  I remember once years ago she wore a short fitted dress of all pink sparkles and Jack was overwhelmed when he saw her in it and commented on how beautiful she looked.  And boy, she WAS beautiful in it.  Jack is another character I wished they hadn't killed off whether he and Jennifer stayed together or not.  I used to not really like Nicole's character, but now I love her.  And Daniel is a hunk and a half.  "Please don't EVER leave Days Daniel."  I would be so sad.  Eric has a lot going for him too ... what a cutie pie !

OK, so did Chandler quit because he is not really gay and didn't want to play the part anymore if they wouldn't change him back to straight?  Is Freddie really gay, is the "new" Will really gay?

Please answer these questions for me.  I really liked Chandler as  Will Horton and will miss him.  I am willing to give the new guy a chance, but it is hard to replace one person with another one when they have played the part for so long. 

Where on earth is BO ?  I know he sings in real life, is he on a singing tour or gig?  I think he has been gone far too long.

In this business, young actors continue to be virtually forced (by managers, advisors and the social circumstances as a whole) NOT to be openly gay, so we just CAN'T tell if they are gay or straight or whatever.

The fact of the matter is that there are a hell of a lot more gay actors in Hollywood and the whole TV/film industry than they want to make us believe in order not to harm their "market value". It's sad, it's totally hypocritical, but that is how this society works.

GG, there are lots of theories why Chandler is no longer on the show but I can tell you that as far as anyone knows he is straight. Chandler has taken part in Gay Pride parades, participated in the NoH8 campaign and anti bullying campaigns. Chandler is from what I've been told us a very kind and sweet genuine young man who appreciates his fans and stands with them in the struggle for equality. So his leaving had nothing to do with his character Will being gay or straight. 

As for Freddie Smith who plays Sonny, Will's partner he is also straight. And has been in a long term relationship with a beautiful actress Alyssa Tabit. I had the great pleasure of meeting him at a fan event, yeah I'm a soap geek, anyway when I met Freddie I thought what others said about him also was that he is a genuinely nice and kind young man. He too participated in the NoH8 campaign and other anti bullying campaigns. 

You can follow Chandler and his band And Still I Rise on Twitter @andstillirise and Facebook And watch Freddie on the web series he cowrote and produced Addicts Anonymous. 

Guy Wilson I understand that he is straight also. 

And as for the character Bo. I couldn't say what us up with him. But here is a link to the latest I read about him. 

I hope that helped.

The new actor playing Will is not doing it for me at all. So disappointed with this casting!!!! 

PLEASE PLEASE bring back Chandler as Will Horton!  He was perfect and the chemistry was just right.  I DO NOT LIKE this  replacement at all!

The main difference between Chandler Massey and Guy Wilson is believability. Chandler played Will with many layers and subtleties that came to the surface courtesy of the intimacy of a tv closeup. It was a pleasure to watch these layers come and go and then reappear. Chandler has a great deal of substance and his performances were anything but predictable. Guy Wilson can be intense but he is totally one-dimensional. You know what he is going to say and do at least five minutes before he does it. Chandler's choices in portraying Will were informed by Will's entire story line from the character's many years on the show. Guy shows none of this. His Will is almost a complete reinvention. His beady-eyed gaze and his portrayal of Will as a self-obsessed careerist are antithetical to what Chandler Massey created. Could the character of Will become bedazzled by Hollywood? Could it lead him to make some bad social choices vis-a-vis his relationship with Sonny? Sure. Could I relate to this? Sure, if Chandler was playing the part. He could make Will's stage-struck adventure seem spontaneous and sympathetic. Not so, Guy Wilson. Freddy Highmore is perfect as Sonny. He is a human being first and gay second. He is anything but cliché. You can see real chemistry between Sonny and Paul Narita. The actors who play them really bring it to the screen.

I agree 100%
Was hoping this new guy was just filling in because Chandler was out sick or something


So mad...bring back the old Will guy doesnt look anything like him and i have a mass of people that are about to stop watching this damn show!!! if your gunna recast you should at least make sure they look like the person they are replacing..

I agree he does NOT fit the part at all. 

I don't think they gonna make will straight again , many of you might want that but face it gay people is a part of this world too we have the right to be represented on tv as well. Time is changing you all need to accept it, your negative comments only make you look stupid and it's a waste of energy bc gay people not going any where, sonny and will gonna go thru there ups and down as a couple but they gonna be together, days gonna make history I believe sonny and will gonna get married.  Although some of you might stop watching but new viewers are watching everyday bc of days great idea to change with the times congrats days for moving forward and representing   "all" walks of lives ** winks*  for you who don't like it don't watch but millions of us will :-)

GOD Please leave the awkward kissing scenes out and especially the bed room room scenes.Wish that this gay crap never was shown at all i fast foward this as soon as i see it.They should leave this for pay cable not network tv bad example.

Just reading you comment makes me annoyed ! A "BAD" Example !? I cant believe what i am reading ! You cant just say its a bad example cause it is teaching people to accept and clearly youre too much of an ass to see that being gay doesnt change you as a person its actually quite good ! You should try being open minded imagine if your son or daughter was gay !? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL! 

Please think about this you Little fuck wit ! 

obviously you know first hand Oliver ;) and there are gay people in my family just like everyone else.

Im 16 years old and i am wiser than andrew !

Im 16 years old and i am wiser than andrew !

You're a bad example Andrew.

I started watching (Days) because I wanted to see how a soap would handle the gay storyline. You may not agree with me but I felt in the beginning when they finally got together it was the closest to a real gay relationship portrayal I'd seen on TV or in a movie. At least showing the intimate scenes, touching, kissing, intensity etc... that didn't last long. I've lost some interest already and now that Will's been recast, the hope that the intimacy might come back seems less likely. I may stop watching, if they are intending to bring the intimacy back between Will and Sonny I hope it's soon. The other story lines don't interest me enough at the moment. I'll give it a chance, but I hope they won't break them's too expected and promotes a negative aspect about gay relationships lasting I feel straight people may believe is the norm. 

I'm willing to watch even though he seems to baby face to me. Everyone needs a chance.

I'm willing to watch even though he seems to baby face to me. Everyone needs a chance.

I am a couple of generations older than the character, Will.  For God's sake, what stage of morality has our country come to and what other shocking morality can come to Days of Our Lives.....oh yes, sex with a Catholic priest.

The gay bed scenes could be left out....give me a break.......

Give you a break? REALLY? Did you just fall on to this site? Why leave the "gay bed scenes" out? Why? I've had 52 years of watching straight people sticking theirs tongues down each other's throats while it was a big deal to see even a peck on the cheek between two men or women. Even now the boys had to ad lib any tender moments between Will and Sonny. The writers bring 1980 hacks. Who couldn't write a Little Golden book if they had to much less a love scene between two men. I'm sick of people saying they don't want to see it. Then turn off your TV! The closet has been opened and screw you we are NEVER GOING BACK! I say that we need more and more explicit/ equal scenes as any straight couple would get.

the straight bed scenes could be left out too then, huh? unfortunately for you and your small mind, there are gay couples in the world. they have lives and loves and have every right to see their lives portrayed on tv. 

what shame for you. it must be so hard to be you. 

give yourself a break and get over it. 

I agree 

Chandler is gone, he will be missed.the storyline rumor is that the boys are going to really change. They are going to f it up.

They lost a few viewers when they gained the gay storyline. I think they would lose a whole lot more if they were to back out and make will straight.

I don't think the soap is going to make Will straight.  I think that would be very difficult given the s/l that's in it and how much time and energy this writing staff has invested in his coming out story.  It's one thing to age an actor w/ a new one or make them someone else's kid but it's completely different to change their sexuality.  That's like trying to change a character's skin color.  I think the writers are smarter than that...barely...but they are.

What I'd like to see is for Will and Sonny to start acting like young people!  For the love of Pete I'm sick to DEATH of seeing them stuck in that house babysitting that child and arguing with Gabi about Nick.  WHO CARES?!?!  Give them an adventure.  That's what it's going to take to develop chemistry between this new actor and Freddie Smith.  I also hope that Freddie has better chemistry with this new actor than he did with Chandler.  This might also open the door for a return of the uber-sexy Brian who was wayyyyyyy better chemistry and storywise for Freddie than Chandlar.

YES. they dont put the couples on "adventures" anymore. 

this is how we fell in love with John/Marlena, Bo/Hope. Remember when Lucas and crew went to Afghanistan! (it was the middle east, at least)? lol

No they certainly don't.  I think some of it is budgetary for sure but they can still do interesting things with them.  Given the writing of Days I'm not holding my breath that a new face will fix what ails these two.

They hired a new actor because Chandler Massey quit... they aren't going to make Will straight!

Maybe it gives them a chance to be a bit less whiny all the damn time. I mean even for a soap, dear god. But soaps need a larger youth fanbase these days and he brought that to the table, so I doubt he will go straight.

They'll make the character straight. You watch.

Exactly what I thought . . . They hired a new actor so the audience doesn't make the connection.  They know he's Will, but not the "gay" Will.  They'll say Will was confused, or bi, and they make him straight and everyone will accept it, and no one will care.  It's sad that they can't have a successful gay character on the soaps.

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