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Colorado Bakery Will Bake For Dogs But Not Gays

An embattled and notorious anti-gay bakery based in Lakewood, Colorado will serve a wedding for dogs but refuses to bake for loving same-sex couples. Masterpiece Cake Shop has been under fire since July of 2012 for denying service to gay couples because THE BIBLE. But when one of the discriminated couples attempted a little experiment, the true scope of Masterpiece's shocking bigotry emerged.

The ACLU has more:

Stephanie Schmalz and her partner, Jeanine, wanted to order some cupcakes to celebrate their commitment ceremony. They contacted Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, but the store refused to take their order, informing the couple that they have a strict policy against selling cakes for same-sex weddings and ceremonies.

Then Stephanie tried a little experiment. She called the bakery and told the owner, Jack Phillips, that she was planning to host a wedding celebration for two dogs. She told him that the dog wedding cake would need to feed 20 people and should be decorated with the names "Roscoe" and "Buffy." Without hesitation, Phillips quoted her a price and asked how soon she needed it.

When another couple tried to place an order with Phillips, he told them he would not provide a cake for same-sex weddings, the same way he would not provide cakes for pedophiles.

Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig visited Masterpiece Cakeshop with Charlie's mom to sample wedding cakes, but they, too, were turned away. They decided to call Masterpiece out on its discriminatory policy. After consulting with the ACLU of Colorado and ACLU LGBT Project, they filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD), charging the bakery with violating Colorado law, which prohibits retail businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation. The subsequent CCRD investigation turned up abundant evidence supporting the couple's claim, including an admission from owner Jack Phillips that it is store policy to refuse service to gay couples for weddings or commitment ceremonies.

The Colorado Attorney General has filed a formal complaint against Masterpiece. The issue will go to court this fall. 

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dear sir or vagina:

whoever the judge is that gave the order forcing the cake-makers in colorado to make a cake celebrating the "blessed" union of two masculivoids who each are outcasted from men enough to look at masculinity with a jagged and dumbfounded sense of curiosity and anticipation, well, he should not be a judge.  cake-makers are artists, no artist should be ordered to make any specific kind of art.  that'd be like telling madonna to stop embracing the anti-christ in her concerts, to stop making a mockery of the church, to stop - let me take a quote from her 1990 world tour - "breaking every rule we can".
madonna is an artist who is free to express herself in her art in any way that she sees fit.  if a legitimate christian who knew nothing about madonna went to one of her shows (based on her very christian and very misleading name of "madonna"), could he legitimately complain to any judge about feeling slighted and discriminated against by madonna?  could he have her cited for "false advertising," for using the virgin mary's name?  he'd simply be told not to go to madonna's shows.  well, cake-makers are also artists, why should they be mandated to create cake-art celebrating two masculivoids?  if two masculivoids wanted a cake made for a heterosexual wedding, i don't believe that the cake-artists would have any problem with that.  there are "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs, there are dress-codes allowing the little gender to expose their baby-feeding MOMmary glands while not allowing men to expose their chests, there are discriminatory rules everywhere.  just because a "man" lacks masculine gender-identity enough to gawk at masculine bodies in utmost reverence, shouldn't mean he doesn't have to play by the rules of society.
madonna absolutely will not compromise her artistic integrity, she actually used those words as a reason for not changing her show when she was ordered to.  "i'm not changing my show...that would be compromising my artistic integrity," that's what she said in her "truth or dare" documentary about her "blond ambition" show.   i don't think any artist would compromise artistic integrity - i certainly don't compromise mine in order to embrace homosexuality (or matthew shepard) at my website (, and it is the fault of pro-gay bigots like the aclu who are stifling freedom.  madonna spits on conventional values with her art, she would never submit to anyone telling her what kind of art to make, so why should cake-makers be forced to submit regarding their creativity?
pro-gay bigots are murdering the freedom that they claim to embrace.  yes, madonna is a pro-gay bigot.  elton john is a pro-gay bigot who is intolerant of anything that is anti-gay.  the aclu is full of pro-gay bigots, the media is teeming with pro-gay bigots, society is full of pro-gay bigots who have been brainwashed by 24/7 pro-gay propaganda.  isn't the company responsible for madonna's 1990 "truth or dare" even named "propaganda films"
if the vaginas of the world are free to wear breast-baring shirts to work and men must dress respectably ("even in the summertime," taking a line from shiela e's "the glamorous life"), well, that is a form of bigotry which caters to the lesser gender.  pro-woman bigots are usually on-board with pro-gay bigots, this is because feminists and gays are all a bunch of masculine wannabees who each will "neverbee" as masculine as they "wannabee".  furthermore, if the much-repeated and never-justified tagline of "a woman can do anything a man can do" does not bring forth images of masculine wannabees, what does?  if a "man" has a burning desire to get close and personal with a naked masculine body, if a "man" in the mens' locker room is as clueless and blind as the little boy who is always covering an eye/impairing his vision in the presence of the dancing girls in madonna's "open your heart" video, why is it so hard to comprehend gay "men" as just a bunch of masculine wannabees/neverbees?
if the cake-artists don't want to make art celebrating a "man" who doesn't possess the masculine self-esteem to regard himself as man enough to be his one and only man, no judge has a right to tell them what kind of cake-artistry to create.  if madonna doesn't want to make art in which she repents for her valueless career by truly embracing jesus christ, would she do anything but laugh in ridicule at any judge who'd order her to?
in the immortal words of macaulay culkin, "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don't think so".
mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

Joey's right though as Americans we have the fundamental right to not give people our business if it doesn't line up with our beliefs and we have to hope we have enough compassion to change the company's mindset.

Joey, it's the principle.

Personally if a business doesn't want to serve to gays or anyone in general, I personally wouldn't shop there. I wouldn't give them my business at all and I do mean at all. I would go to a shop that does cater to gays and recommend that place to all my gay lesbian bi and/or transgender friends so that those shops could get all the business they can get. In fact I would tell all my friends gay or straight NOT to shop at that particular place..

Personally, I think if they are soo successful that they are turning away business that, that only means that they could really do without any gay business.. and personally I would like to see how that business will thrive without the business of gays and their allies. Same concept with voting, if a politician doesn't believe in gay marriage and you do, then don't vote for them.

I personally don't think that picketing will do much good especially if they are set in their ways....

Personally I don't know who would want to patronize a business like that other than other homophobes. Sorta reminds me of businesses refusing to serve blacks. 

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