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U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan Under Fire For Gay Craigslist Hookups

Aw c'mon, let's let our boys (and girls) overseas have their fun! 

U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are using that tried and true staple of gay hook up culture, Craigslist, to score some action while deployed. We say more power to them, but unfortunately sex among non-married soldiers in a combat zone is a no-no.

The Daily Mail writes:

U.S. soldiers deployed to Afghanistan are using Craigslist to meet and have sex with each other on bases across the war-torn country, leading to concerns about a breakdown in discipline overseas. 

Military commanders have forbade any service members who are not married to each other from having sex while deployed to the combat zone. As a result, each of the covert meetings is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The vast majority of the posts on Craigslist involve male soldiers seeking sex with other men - a practice that could have resulted in the discharge of both parities from the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell, which barred gays in the armed forces.


Apparently military commanders aren't just looking the other way. The Daily Mail explains that "A U.S. Marine lance corporal who was caught and arrested after making an illicit meeting with a male undercover Naval Criminal Investigation Service officer, told the Marine Corps Times that he was busted down to private first class, gave up $1,600 in pay and got 45 days of extra duties and 45 days of restrictions.

The soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan use the Iraq Craigslist page (Ed. note--probably NSFW)- a holdover from a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans were stationed throughout Iraq."

So they're basically setting up sting operations for these guys?? 

They're deployed for many months at a time. As long as they're not hurting anyone and they're doing their jobs correctly (showing up on time, working effectively, etc.), what's the harm in these soldiers having a little fun with each other??


I got busted for this a few of months after DADT was ended.  I did a lot of research.  Sex is not prohibited unless you are married. I was a contractor and did not think it applied to me, but apparently it mattered to someone.  First time I was ever arrested and it really shook me up.  I felt like my whole world was flipped upside down.  I felt betrayed.  I don't think this makes sense and I agree that CID should be investigating the many sexual assaults and the prostitution that occurs on bases, not consensual adults having sex off duty.

Okay, if you want to be technical about being on the job.  But if you are treating ALL soldiers the same, then fine.  Sounds like another way for a homophobic commander to get the gays without having Don't Ask, Don't Tell to rely on.

Actually, it is perfectly normal for civilian co-workers to hook-up and/or date.  And if they were caught having sex on the job, they would usually be mentored and given a warning.  In some cases they may be fired, but not if they were fraternizing outside of work hours.  Asking soldiers to be celebate for 6 months at a time 24/7 is a bit silly.  I wouldn't last a week.  Now, clearly you have to make sure that you are hooking up outside your chain of command.

It is not that easy. Service members are deployed 6 months to two years at a time to a hostile environment. All that vigorous training and conditioning they do has got to make them horny as hell too. Not to mention they are risking their lives and can die there so maybe they want to be spontaneous and live a little. I think it is absolutely healthy for them to have an occasional trist. If anything will help them focus more once they get it out of their system every once in a while. 

Pdr :  as long as you are off duty, none of that should be an issue.  And as long as you are not in a sexual relationship with someone from your unit, it should also be a non-issue.  (You can't equate having sex with one person out of thousands of people stationed in the same area as you... to someone's coworkers in a small office environment. Apples & oranges.)

I think they should able to hook up with other people no matter what. I bet you that straight soldiers do it but when it comes to gay soldiers they get in to shit.


If you're deployed into a combat zone, you're on the job. Sure it may not be an office, but it's your workplace and that's what you signed up for. Any civilian employee caught having sex with another employee (in the office, in the field, at a work event, or in a hotel away for work...basically anywhere work related) would be immediately terminated from that job. Why? Well, for many legal and sexual harrassment reasons...but also bc its potentially a serious distraction from you doing your job. And in a combat zone, I don't think those boys need any other distractions than the dangers around them. They're lucky they don't get kicked out. Keep the tools in the pants, focus on the job at hand, come home... and THEN bend over whenever whomever.

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