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West Hollywood Hosting "Down The Drain With Russian Vodka" Ceremony!

On Thursday morning, the streets of West Hollywood will be flooded with vodka!

Bar owners, LGBT organizations, and city officials will all come together for a ceremonial pouring of Russian vodkas down the curbside drains of Santa Monica Blvd.! 

*Admittedly, it'll actually be water that's poured, due to environmental regulations, but SYMBOLISM, y'all!!!*

The display of support for the Russian LGBT community will take place at 11 a.m. PST on Aug. 1, curbside in front of Micky's (8857 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069).

Micky’s Owner Michael Niemeyer says, “We come together to stand up against Russia’s treatment of its LGBT people. While we can’t be on the streets of Russia protesting the recent anti-LGBT legislation, we can show support by not selling Russian brands in turn bringing national attention to these terrible crimes.”

REVOLVER Video Bar’s Managing Partner, Alfredo Diaz said “While we appreciate marketing dollars being allocated to the LGBT community, marketing dollars aren’t support. We want to know what companies like Stoli are doing to support the LGBT cause in Russia?”

Non-Profit LBGT organization Christopher Street West, longtime Producer of LA PRIDE, will also participate in the ceremony on Thursday. CSW President Rodney Scott, says “We support the city, the local businesses and the global community in the decision to boycott. It is critical that we call attention to the atrocities that are perpetuated against LGBT all over the world and we are encouraging other non-profit organizations to do the same."

West Hollywood bars currently participating in the pouring and the boycott of Russian vodka and products include Micky’s, REVOLVER Video Bar, Eleven, Tortilla Republic, and The Abbey.

Will you be at the ceremonial pour in support of the Russian LGBT community, Instincters?


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I think this is a great way to bring international attention to Russia's hidious treatment of its LGBT community.  Whether it's a boycott of Russian Vodka, affecting the rich Russian stake holders or a boycott of the Olympics, this country MUST know that it cannot treat us this way.  We won't stand for it and our cause can have serious financial repurcussions.  Don't think a global company like Stoli can't affect change within the Russian government.

I am Russian and find it offensive and rediculouse!Its Russian government that is always being corrupt does such injustice to its own gay and lesbians who reside in Russia and this makes me very sad for the people that live there and getting treating like Jews during ward war two!Pressure should be put on Putin and Russian government and not toward Russian manufactures of goods amd services!Please find the ways to penalize government policies not Russian Vodka makers!It is absurd as I recall no one shut down Chik-Fil-a for their any gay remarks and actions!

Pretty dumb and destracts from the actual issues at hand.

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