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The Bachelor's Sean Lowe Can't Say That He Supports Equal Marriage Rights For Same-Sex Couples

After backward comments about the gay community made by Juan Pablo, the star of ABC's current season of The Bachelor, captured international headlines over the weekend, the star of the previous season of the reality show refuses to touch the subject with a 10 inch pole. 

Greg Hernandez of Gay Star News caught up with Sean at an ABC network cocktail party over the weekend and asked his opinion on marriage equality in wake of Pablo's gaffe. 

"That's an interesting question," Sean told Greg. "I tell you what, just because of the political nature of the question I'd rather not answer."

"I haven't gotten it before,' he added. "I'd have to sit down and talk to you for like an hour to fully get my opinion across."

Though he can't exactly get behind seeing us as anything more than second class citizens, Sean is definitely "flattered" by having gay fans. 

"It's all very flattering," Sean said. "I remember the National Enquirer or something like that had this big article about how I was the new gay icon or sex symbol, I forget how they phrased it. It's flattering."

Why would it take an hour to say you support the equal rights of same-sex couples, Sean, unless you actually don't support marriage equality and need a full hour to justify your (lack of) logic somehow? How hard is it to say, "Yes, I support equal rights for all Americans who wish to marry?"



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Considering half of the Bachelor/bacheloretts viewers are gay... stupid oj their part. I will no longer be watching this show

My gaydar is ringing so loud that smoke is coming out of it. Poor Sean. Get some real balls and get out of the damn closet!

Who is Sean Lowe anyway? Who does he want to be? In the larger picture of the Universe does he matter? I agree with LeNair & SteveSH. David put your glasses on buddy! Hot is not how I would describe him. You are entitled to your opinion! I've spent the past 45 years trying to come out so much so that I've gotten attached to the closet! I know there is a door here somewhere I just haven't found it! Every time I see a guy that I believe is hot I mentally undress him? For me he has to be 18 or older! I have gone from straight to bi to gay and now leaning toward undecided? I do have a variety of friends which keeps me busy, I tend to find true lust instead of love! Go figure!

Sounds like both of them have suppressed gay tendencies to me or they would not mention it. 

My gardar goes off with Sean Lowe.  He's probably fighting with himself on this in more ways than one. I don't think Sean has found the right guy yet, then he'd want marriage equality for himself.  

My gaydar that is!

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The BIGGER question here is,... Why do you give a damn?!

1)He's straight. So it's not on the forefront of his mind. So stupid as a viewpoint he might have, I understand him needing an hour to talk about it.

2) He's a guy on a reality show about dating 20+ women over a few weeks time to find a wife! And for that reason mostly, he's not exactly a symbol of wisdom.

Is it that you know he's not a symbol of wisdom, and your life is empty enough to be a militant gay looking for a fight? If not, then the only other possibility is that you are showing yourself to be so pathetically desperate to seek acceptance from someone like that.

And before trying to turn this around on me with my history here of addressing issues like racism, take note that I go on the attack of people in power. Influential people. For those are the people who need to have their viewpoints challenged. To me, the rest like Sean are simply peons to write off as stupid, then proceed with your day. You all need to grow a sense of self where you don't give a damn about what such guys think, and just love yourself being yourself, and have a happy life.

Well said and thank you for saying that.  It is all very true and agree with your statement.

The spanish word for pervert is pervertido... so his English is my second language excuse is bs.

Are you kidding me? English as my second language is the reason I made a blatant homophobic statement? In this guy's apology he still states that we have a racy lifestyle that is incompatible with raising a family or being a good example. Do people not realize that sex between males is just as racy and 'inappropriate' as sex between a female and male when put into the context of raising a family??? Gay people are no more of a bad example for kids than straight people are. We raise our children just as appropriately and many times more appropriately than some straight people. The problem is that homophobic people cannot separate us from sex. Rick Santorum did the same thing to me. I asked if he would kick me out of the military and take away my retirement if someone saw a vacation picture of Josh and I. He responded you can't have sex in the military. Once again reduced to the lowest common denominator. Sex is a very small part of our being, it is what defines us as people just as much as sex defining straight people. Could you imagine if everyone judged you constantly right up to whether or not you should be able to marry or have children based on their judgment of what you do in the bedroom. I am so tired of this small minded intolerance. Stop taking everything to sex. We are human beings, I do have sex with my husband. I also cook with him, go to movies with him, take our dogs on a walk, and just sit for endless hours talking. Stop defining my life by what you picture me as doing in my bedroom why is that so hard for people to understand?!?!

Must say that I think media has a huge role in the perception of the gay community.... when they interview somebody at a Pride Parade for example, the person they look for to speak to the media is the one that is the most out there, tattoos all over their body, piercings all over their body, barly any clothes on, if any, and most likely there is a some sort of a make out session on their as well....what are people supposed to think when every chance the media gets, this is what they are choosing to represent our community with???  Media perceives us as a community of sex, alcohol, and parties....sad thing was when I first went to volunteer for our local Pride organization, I walk in to the welcome meeting and the Executive Director is saying, "face it guys, we are all about the alcohol and party, that's our gay lifestyle, so we need to go to the big beer companies and ask them for money..." I was like, wow, no wonder nobody will ever take us serious...I walked out of that meeting.   

If they understood this, then there would be no problem whatsoever.

He's an idiot I could shoot down any reasoning against it and FYI pegans were the ones who invented the idea of marriage so religion isn't even a good reason...

He's still hot as hell!

News Flash!!! Even among gay people, the jury is out about the value of same sex marriage!!!

Excuse me, but since when are gay people questioning the value of same sex marriage??? I believe that we all know the importance of it!! You're an idiot!!!

While there are gay people who don't believe in marriage, as are there straight people, you'll be hard pressed to find gay people who believe we should be treated as second class citizens without equal protections under the law...unless they were a moron, consumed with self-hatred. 

And that relates to my comment or this thread how?????

Wow! You really are just stupid. 

Well done. The new gay tactic. Don't answer a question; just be insulting. I have been openly and happily gay for over 40 years, but people like you make me ashamed.

Poor guy, screwed if he would have said something, and screwed because he didn't say anything...

The dumb blond syndrome hot bit stupid apply for most of theaes guys. Given if they had as much smarts as beauty. They wouldnt need a tv show to find someone or money

His best response would have been no comment!  Why leave room for speculation about his comments?  UGH!  These children should just be kept from speaking!

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