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Russian Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Leader & Torturer Of Gay Teens Arrested In Cuba

Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the Russian anti-gay Neo-Nazi group Occupy Pedophilia. You'll recognize Maxim as the face of the group which lured gay Russian teens via the internet and then tortured them, airing the footage on video. 

Martsinkevich fled to Cuba in December following his arrest for "extremism" in Russia. He previously proposed that he serve his sentence "virtually."

​Edge On The Net reports: 

The head of a Russian neo-Nazi group that’s accused of torturing LGBT youth, fled to Cuba last month but was arrested in the Caribbean country on Sunday, Russia’s official news agency RIA Novosti reports.

According to a statement made by the Russian Interior Ministry, Cuban police told Russian authorities that Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of "Occupy Paedophillia," was arrested through Interpol.

Last month Martsinkevich, also known as Tesak (Russian for "machete"), was arrested last month in absentia by a Russian court after being charged with extremism.

According to reports, Martsinkevich and his group took to popular Russian social media websites to lure LGBT teens, then torture and humiliate them by bullying their victims while recording them. The clips of the abuse were posted online so they could out the youth to their friends, families and schools.

While we hope they lock him up and throw away the key, we wonder whether President Putin and the Russian justice system truly believe he's guilty of any crime, considering their own anti-gay stance?

Perhaps they could send him here...


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I am an inferior fag that would like to be degraded and abused by Master Maxim Martsinkevich He is my GOD that put all fags in its place,Thank you,Master.

What do you expect from a president that goes horse back riding with his shirt off.  For the record I have a bad feeling about the Olympics, a really bad feeling.  Won't have any thing to do with gays either.

Boycotting watching. Whoever goes has what's coming to them. Hubris before principles always ends badly. 

Sorry for being that extreme or radical, but I think those people doesn't deserve to live in the society. They need to be captivity with cockroach for breakfast. I cannot believe that there is still some people in the world thinking that homosexuality deserve that kind of treatment. SHAME TO RUSSIA. Hope is rotting in a jail somewhere ( sorry for that extreme thinking again)

The guy on the right is getting more sexual satisfaction than the kid.  Looks like bondage to me and I'm guessing he is sodomizing the gay kids and using this as an excuse.  Vladimir Putin, your pedophiles look just like this so called torturer and now you have made it ok for pedophiles to do exactly what they want and get away with it. 

he is even dressed in leather like a bondage master.  Some one will figure it out and kill him just give it time you'll see.  These so called gay bashers are all going to end up admitting they are gay, it may be years from now but it's coming.


I wonder what happened to that poor guy who was tortured. How any one could hurt another that way is so very sad.  

I am deeply disappointed in humanity after reading these posts about this evil, evil man.  I am mortified the published the victims faces,.... This whole charade is disgusting.  

This man,...he is evil.  He committed crimes. Horrible crimes.  Absolutely horrible crimes.  It is deeply disappointing that a human can carry out theses acts of torture - that are similar to the Nazi's behavior towards Jews,..Gays and RUSSIANS alike.

Evil never learns,...people continue to be bad.  I feel that many times there is little hope left to be had. Even more so when this entire set of events parades the victims as if it doesn't matter. 

See the people who cares what happens in someone elses bedrooms are interested in that activity, I have my own bedroom activities and I dont mind or am not offended by anyone elses willing acts with an adult.

and to the guy that posted this.....a good example that ignorance and bigotry are ailments of the uneducated......

Ihategays. - January 21, 2014

I liked what he did to those faggets

Please learn to spell what you hate......Idiot !!!!

Ya there are lots of idiots out there. Usually there is a link between being homophobic, racist, and being a bully. I say its time to go bully hunting and bash their heads in. The only response these people (racists,bullies,homophobes) understand is extreme violence....why not give it to them????Find out where they live and blow up their house & take care of their family too. Thats what i say! Fuck em.

Forgive me, you were saying this against that awful bad..

Can't wait for them to round up the beaners Maricon de mierda and send you back to your taco your own medicine José? 

I completely agree.... why is this picture up here showing his face? That's awful, he's been through enough... People are so disturbed, it's sad. He clearly has unresolved conflicts he doesn't know how to deal with because we live in a cursed world. It's a shame people are able to get to the point of torturing another soul. Let's lean on each other and stop judging and hating so people don't get to this point anymore. 

Applauses ... now electrocution with this pig !!

I liked what he did to those faggets

Study after study has proven without a doubt that most men who hate to such a degree. Have underlining homosexual tendencies . You my friend are one of them. Seek some help with a  therapist who can help you rid yourself of self loathing and acceptance of being Gay. 

May God have mercy on your soul.

99% of the time when someone is homophobic, they are in fact attracted to the same sex. Don't believe me? It's probably because you don't read, or because you simply don't want to accept the truth. Want to know another interesting fact? Most men who molest little boys are straight. But what does this accomplish? It probably just pisses straight people off with these tendencies.

i was a homophobe, before I understood that I was a Lesbian. it makes me laugh, and makes me sad. I've since had my share of karma. I love who I am :)

That's not what you said while I was going down on you....

Your just a damn uneducated closet fag yourself ! Your opinion means nothing ! People are far more intelligent than you and could care less what you have to say !

Lol I enjoy how someone who calls another uneducated started his sentence with the wrong "your". Stand corrected dumb ass, You're a loser. 

Happy Educated Fag 

Your just a damn uneducated closet fag yourself ! Your opinion means nothing ! People are far more intelligent than you and could care less what you have to say !

Really?! Why waste your time posting your miserable thoughts on here and go preach to someone who might care about what you have to say! Get some English lessons while you are at it!

cies  its nice to know that sub human species , such as yourself are too stupid to even spell the word faggOts right . good luck working on the side of the road

It's interesting you hates gays yet are posting on a gay magazines website. Typical homophobe - secretly wants some d**k

Finally, some bullshitless insight into human nature. 

Hilarious and very true... Please serve the homophobe a dick so he can get with the program. 

Hmm.. is anyone else surprised this cretin cannot spell "faggots" correctly? 

Give him a taste of his own torture!

Clearly a repressed homosexual

Yes, because clearly homosexual people are a big part of the anti-gay problem.

As one of his punishments, they should drop his ass in the middle of TBRU or IBR and let the Bears of North America work on him for a weekend. Once they were through with him, there wouldn't be much left of him or is ass and hed be crying like a little baby.

He's a total shit stain on the human race.....lock the bastard away...

Esto llegar al extremo de los abuso, ningun ser humano tiene derecho de humillar y torturar a un individuo por su preferencia sexual y tener el descaro de presentarlo como una gran burla, deberia vivir en otro planeta.

This sorry copy of human being has a lot of mental problems. One of them is his own homosexuality which he does not know how to cope with. 

Why are they showing the poor guys face ?

This guy is just a waste of space.  Send him to the moon and leave him there!

Ditto , totally waste of life.  They should just harvest his organs for good will.

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