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Teen Comes Out Live On YouTube & His Mom Is The Best!

Coming out live on YouTube may be the new twerking, but we're finding it infinitely more enlightening. 

In this latest coming out, Daniel comes out to his mom over the phone and we're basically living for this woman! (You can jump to 1:45.)

She's nailing it! 

In her words, she "wants her baby happy." She's proud of him. She wants to make sure he's getting support from his friends.

"You only get one shot at this life...You're perfect!"

We know we generally focus on the bravery of the teens in these types of stories--and Daniel's courage is inspiring--but it's parents like these that should be the example for others to follow. 

We're having all of the feelings!!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Hope this was not fake...

Link to the original YouTube post:

Video has been taken down. Was this made up? I hope not. :-(


Love you mama!!! yassssssss! you are amazing, and she is so amazing, and loves you so so so much! 

Wow!!!!! I found myself overcome with emotion!! This is an amazing family and I applaud this young man for courage and bravery!! You are a true inspiration to so many teens and even some adults for sharing your testimony in such a public way!!!! My family did not have that reaction, in fact I'm not close to my family emotionally anymore!! I love them, but things will never be the same!! My hopes are to create a family of my own and never judge them for who they are!! To be the parent, your mother is to you now!! Much Continued Blessings, JB

Love you mum! ❤️❤️❤️

nice, my mother wasnt to happy at first but came around later on and loved me to the end but now shes gone and my best friend is in heaven

Where is he calling from? Why not tell her in person? Don't they live under same roof?

towards the end he makes reference to his dad and brother, the garage i think is at his dad's house and mom lives elsewhere, regardless, it was brave and his mother rocked it

I don't think they do as she asked him if he wanted to be picked up and if he wanted to go for lunch tomorrow.

And I'm pretty sure he did it over the phone because he was scared/nervous. It's a lot easier to do something like this over the phone and it feels safer than doing it face-to-face sometimes. 

This is touching and beautiful!  Unfortunately  my mother turned into Satan himself when I told her. She called me every evil name  known to man and  this went on for two days.  Everything possible  there is to say   to emotionally  destroy a child  she said it!  Today  she is a frail old woman that I am doing my best to take care of. Though I will never forget the   sheer evil in her eyes and the  satanic words she spew I carry on. I only say this because its not nice for everybody  but seeing something  like this video comforts  those of us  who did not have it so well. Kudos to both this young man and his unconditionally loving mom!

JC, I can totally understand and appreciate your journey!! My entire family turned into homophobic monsters and terrorized me for decades. It was their hope that it would scare from being gay and never coming out!! Well, dammit I'm out and their are out of my life!!

I know what you mean, JC, my mom was the same as yours. With my dad it wasn't a big deal.

I think for me the thing is all the way through it she is just so laid back about it all and you can feel the love for him in her voice. 


Good for him, I hope he is happy. he deserves it

When I came out to my mom ages ago, she was like "Ok....and anything else?" And life just went on from there without a problem. 

I hope alot of people see this and are brave enough to go to there parents and come out too them, I also hope there are alot of parents who see this and learn and know that it is ok to have a gay child and to support them throughout their coming out.

:)  Go Daniel!!!  I wished I could just give you a big hug!!!

Great video! Both son and mother wonderful. I came out to my mother face-to-face in the living room of our home when I was 18. No big deal, but that was in 1970. I am 61 now. My mother was wonderful in a time when my friends were being disowned, kick out, left with nothing. And I mean nothing. The overwhelming fear of rejection by a parent is powerful. Regardless of the venue chosen to come out, or the vehicle, it takes real, gut courage. Bravo Daniel. Every blessing on your life.

i admire him and his mom. if you pay attention to this video he is trying not to cry

His mom is great! And so is he! 

Atta Boy !

This made me cry... So proud of you dude...

Is it really necessary to make a production out of coming out. I think this kid knew exactly how his mom was going to react or else he never would have posted this to YouTube. I believe it was purely for attention, lately we've been seeing a bunch of these videos with these supposedly nervous or scared boys who come out on video and the resctions from their mother's are "surprisingly" loving and super supportive I think these videos are kinda fake and purely for attention. My opinion it may not be yours but I'm entitled to it.

Right! Your opinion is yours and so is your asshole. And both are full of shit! Go figure!

There is no limit or restrictions on love.  Period.  If this video helps even one scared boy or girl who wants to come out to their parents or loved ones or friends, then it has accomplished its goal.  You are entitled to your opinion but no one is making you watch these videos.  If you want conflict, go find it somewhere else.  There are plenty of hate in this world.

Haters are gonna hate...

She is a EXTRAORDINARY Mother who understands and loves her child unconditionally. Just like my Mom...

I came out to my dad when I was 14, and he was the best... Let me know if you'd like any advice, dude... And, again, you are AWESOME for posting this online... Proud of you, brother!!!

Daniel, this is AWESOME!!!

God blessed me w/a mother like this . I came out when i was 16 in 1980' !

This is a great example of an awesome parent. I wish that I had as much courage as Daniel when I was a teen but it just wasn't accepted back then. These two are both amazing people and I hope his dad is as accepting as his mother.


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