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Wendy Williams Cries On Her Show Over Her Teenage Son

We always know we can count on Wendy Williams to tell it to us like she means it, but  we weren't prepared for how real she got on Monday! 

The talk show host got overwhelmed with emotion while talking about her teenage son  and how he apparently doesn't like her (in contrast to Madonna and her teenage son, Rocco) and well...waterworks!


We'll get you a tissue, Wendy! We know you're a good mom!

How you doin'?!


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Dang some people are so damn insensitive in this comment thread   She's a human being who loves her son. Have a heart people. 

If my mom looked like a bad drag queen, I'd hate her too.

She is so pathetic, I am ready to puke. 

Haters are gonna hate.

The best way to get your teenage kid to like you is to call them out on national television.  

She's fine..... she just needed to vent....I've cried at work...and this is her job... shit builds got to let it out... and it does come at unexpected moments...This was hers...she'll be fine... 

This is the first time I have ever seen a tv host complaining and the audience nodding their heads in sympathy, well she can really connect to her public, that´s just like any teen by wants, a mother to talk about his life on live tv, I suspect the hatred is going to continue after the teens.

super sad to watch 

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