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West Hollywood Will Place Rainbow Flag Back On Top Of City Hall

It was just last week that we reported that the West Hollywood City Council had unanimously voted to remove the rainbow flag that had been waving on top of West Hollywood City Hall since June 2013.

Some councilmembers argued that the flag's removal was an act of inclusiveness, showing that West Hollywood represents diversity beyond solely the LGBT community. 

The controversial move was met with much debate and following pressure from community members, the West Hollywood City Council has decided to put the rainbow flag back on top of City Hall!

West Hollywood resident and business owner Larry Block, who proposed that the flag go up on City Hall in 2013, writes via Facebook:

Thanks to all who showed up at city council. The Rainbow symbol will be going back on city hall -- councilmembers Heilman and Damico agree that the rainbow flag should fly above city hall and that we might adopt our city flag to include the rainbow colors.. long night, logging out..thank you west hollywood for your letter of love and support

Ooh, will West Hollywood's city flag be getting a makeover? Rainbows are always in style! 

In all seriousness, it sounds like West Hollywood's LGBT community made their voices loud and clear and the rainbow flag will wave proudly once again. 

What do you think of the decision, Instincters?


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Of all the places in this wide, wide world, they'd remove the rainbow flag from the City Hall of WeHo? Who the Hell is smoking crystal meth down there? numbskulls.

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