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Closeted 'Well Known' Actor Opens Up On Reddit

We've fallen down the Reddit rabbit hole again and we can't get out!!

Reddit user, mylifeisalie123 is apparently a "well known actor" and a "closeted homosexual."

He relates his struggle here and perhaps wants your input?? He writes:

"I will not reveal who I've worked with or what I've starred in obviously, as I don't want to be identified. I love my career, and I know I would lose my leading man status if I ever came out. I feel terribly guilty about many different things.

First of all, I feel like I'm misleading my fans. I know a lot of women watch my movies to watch me, and part of that is fantasy, and I feel like it's all based on a lie. They do a lot market analysis in Hollywood. I get told about which demographics I do well with, and I feel like I'm misleading so many people, or letting them down.

I am dating another well known personality, and we've been publicly together for a while now. I know she expects to get married, the press expect us to get married, but of course this would be a great disservice to her. Truth be told I think she knows. She is a wonderful woman and a wonderful person and I don't deserve someone as loving and trusting in my life, and I truly do love her, but I'm not in love with her, and sex with her, despite her beauty, is difficult for me.

I also feel terribly guilty because I know there are so many gay kids out there and I feel like by not coming out, and not providing that public display of being gay and being successful I'm letting them down. Public figures like Ellen DeGeneres coming out when I was younger made a huge difference to me, and I feel like I should be paying it forward, but I'm too afraid of my whole life being ruined.

I've only told a few people. I've been with two men since my career has started. Both have been, thankfully, very discrete. My two best friends from before I became mainstream know, and have been supportive. I've told two gay actors who have come out because I trusted they would keep it to themselves, having been in the same position. They were comforting and told me to do what I needed to do, but it didn't assuage my guilt at all. I tested the water with my agent, who basically told me "Faggots don't make it in this town," and then went on to basically explain that he would never represent a gay man because the effort versus the money just makes it not worth it to him. It frankly terrifies me. I just wanted to get it out there."


The actor in question engages with commenters throughout the thread. It's actually pretty enthralling (though we don't suggest you start reading the comments if you intend to be productive today). 

What would you tell this well known, closeted actor? Are you joining the conversation on Reddit? 

*And yeah, we know there's a chance that this is fake, but it's an interesting dialogue in any case, right?


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Don't make such a big deal out of it!! You can come out to your mate and your Family. The rest you don't owe nothing. You are entitled to a private life. Just because you are a Actor Don't mean you are a open book. Just because you are Gay don't mean your any different from any other actor who wants a private life. The only thing you owe us is to be the Best Actor that Money can buy

I've been reading up on this a little bit. For starters, if this is a genuine post, then the actor in question has to come clean with his girlfriend. That is an absolute must. He owes it to her to at least be honest. It is terribly unfair to her. After that, it's up to him. From what I've read in his postings, it sounds like he wants to come out and being in the closet is starting to take its toll already. It might harm his career or set it back a little, but he should do it. He's understandably scared. However, things will only get worse for himself the longer he stays closeted. 

Okay, my guesses for this "well known" movie actor are Hayden Christensen, Seann William Scott, and Jonathan Bennett. The last one I know is living in a glass closet, but the other two definitely fit the bill. Both always seem to get girlfriends and/or fiancées right when they have movies coming out. 

I've been closeted and I've been married and didn't start to live until after I came out.  Anything I lost after coming out, was not actually worth having in the first place.  I would urge this actor to do the right thing by his girlfriend and do the right thing for you fans  If your career is altered by this (it won't be ruined) you will ultimately be happier in your roles and your life.  Be a symbol for other closeted people.  Be someone they can look up to and respect.  Don't be selfish to simply cling to a career.  Your leading man status won't last forever (think Richard Chamberlain), so why not be happy and  comfortable in your own skin now?  Why wait.  Please come out.

What's really stupid about this is that ACTING is not real, so your sexuality should not be a factor & really it is not. It's the voice of bigotry that is attempting 2 keep U  boxed in with fear. 

The minute U find courage (& drop your manager), new doors will open 4U. You may have 2B like Ellen & create your own opportunity, but after the storm U will see it was well worth it. 

He should dump his agent...even living a lie, why give that hater money he doesn't deserve? Come out for you, not for your fans or career...your career isn't over if you come will may get better roles..who knows! Look at Neil Patrick Harris, look at Jim Parsons and look at Ellen. Do what you gotta do, for you buddy. 

Stop being a coward. You will feel better and be more successful as a man. Acting is stupid, especially if it means you cannot be yourself when you're not at work. And you cannot. This is YOUR LIFE and you are losing it to a bullshit business. Man up. Do it for the gay kids. Do it for you.

Ryan Gossling?

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