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Canadian Men's Olympic Bobsled Team Strips Down To Weigh In

At least they have those impressive beards to keep them warm!

On Monday, the Canadian Men's Olympic Bobsled Team had to strip down to their undies to weigh in for the 4-man event, so why not share a pic with Twitter? 

In case that's not enough 4-man action for you, here's a recent interview with the Olympic team members:


(h/t: OMGBlog)


Oh my days. Those thighs! Looking super fit gentlemen!

DA bears.

OMG... Woof woof

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Oh look.

Those undies must weight at least a gram or two... THAT'S NOT FAIR. OFF WITH THEM TOO.

Goodluck hot guys.....

Hello Gentlemen! WOOF! Looking good. Be careful and know you are loved and in our prayers. Kick some butt!!!! :-)

they already have "GOLD" in a way soo hot all of them!!

The sales of Saxx underwear probably just increased.

dat ass.

The ginger boy *_______*

Great photo guys!

Fantastic builds and beards

Love the underwear shots!!  Good luck at the games and please be careful!!

Very handsome team! Love the beards! Wish them all the best as they go for Gold!

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