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Gay Indiana Candidate Leaves GOP After State House Switches Marriage Ban Bill

Openly gay Indiana House candidate Andy Markle has announced that he's leaving the Republican party after state GOP moved a ban on marriage equality to another committee when its original chances started looking grim. 

Writes Markle in a Facebook comment:

It deeply saddens me to see the state that I have called home for the past 8 years plunge into a debate over a minority group's civil rights. It is with a heavy heart but with a clear conscience that I announce the end of my run for Indiana State House of Representatives, District 99, as a Republican. With today's announcement by House Speaker Brian Bosma, that he is using extraordinary and unprecedented rules to change House Joint Resolution 3's committee assignment, I have no choice but to resign my candidacy as a Republican. As an openly gay male and a conservative, I find it deplorable that the state would choose to take such extraordinary measures to disenfranchise me and my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters. In an era where my party declared that it was the party of "small government" and "less intrusion", it has been confirmed that it is not the party of small government or less intrusion. I am not leaving the Republican Party; the Republican Party has left me.


Chase with all do respect if you know anything about state government the filing deadline is not over! Mr. Markle has the right to choose to run under any party he choose he falls under! As it comes to community affairs! I have been appointed to a State Office since 2010 and I know several people in our State General Assembly that were just like Mr. Markle! They wanted to make a difference and was either fed up or tired of the way State Government was operating and ran with no experience! So why your attempting to tear Mr. Markle down I would like for you to file and run for a House District and make a difference for all Hoosiers! I hope you file Mr. Markle and knock them dead! We need great people in government that will make a difference for all Hoosiers! They want you to quit! You can only change a party of you are apart of it!

I admire The fact he was willing to tale on The BIGOTS who have infectează The GOP with their hate, ignorance and bigotry head on!!!! Keep going Andrew! I am no longer GOP! Cone to The Libertarian side !!!!!

He was never a GOP candidate as he never filed to run.  Markle is a young person with political aspirations with no experience who up until now is a Facebook candidate with 10 cyber supporters.

Before he was a member of the GOP, he claimed affiliation with the Libertarian Party. I find it hard to trust a person who gives up so easily on any party. Who will he choose next? Constitution Party? Anarcho-Capitalism? 

He was never a candidate.  He never filed.   You're correct in asking what party he will choose next.   This is nothing more than narcissism.   

Andy is a nice fellow. He was is a great conservative and represents all of us conservatives very well. I wish I lived in Indiana so that I could vote for him. I welcome him to the Independent, Libertarian, Conservative side between the asiles of the extreme DNC and the idiot RNC.....I hope he runs as an indepentdent.

He IS a nice fellow.   A fellow who never has no community accomplishments that qualify him to be a candidate for any party other than good intentions.   

Well said! I admire his efforts and decision. I hope he will remain in politics as we need more people like him in government.

What were his efforts?   He never filed to run under any party.  Other than some facebook postings there was no effort.   What is that you admire exactly?


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