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Hot 'Splash!' Contestant's Leopard-Print Speedo Bulge Steals The Show

In our second story about men distracting others in their Speedos on this fine Hump Day, Splash! contestant Dan Osborne fills his leopard-print trunks out so nicely that they prove a bit distracting for the reality competition show's host and Tom Daley. Who can blame them?

As a bonus, the ever-intrepid Boy Culture points us to this extra credit picture of Osborne distracting the entire Internet in his underwear:

Happy Humpday!



he was talking about the singer Tomy Omran

that he did the same too

never watched this show, but ill have to see it now

never watched this show, but ill have to see it now

I still think that Tom Daley's reaction is adorable and it shows he's still a kid. However, there could be more to it. A friend who thinks DLB is a genius and follows him on Twitter claims he made a special trip to London for the most recent taping of the show!

I think there was a reason why Tom Daley was holding  his hands over his bulge.  

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oh m god he is so hot....

He wasn't even looking at his bulge. He was looking at the tatoo the female host was drawing attention to. 

so much sexy men in underwear these days even the Saudi Arab singer Tomy Omran

showed himself in a very hot sexy underwear with his huge package

but i adore who trust his beauty

I think Tom had a hard on and was trying to cover it at the end of the video. Hahaha. So cute! 

Nah mate that's how Tom always stands.

Whoa! Is this the British version of the ABC show we suffered through a few months ago? Tom Daley gets this hunky bloke, we got Louie Anderson!!!??? WTF! :-)  

This show came first.  Splash UK started before Splash US.

Steve in NJ,

Best comment on any thread, any where.....too funny.

Yes, maybe if the ABC version had the guy in the Speedo, I would have watched more.

Oh my word. Where did he come from and why is there so much sexiness coming from one man!?

Tom was very obviously looking at that first time and he almost couldn't look away. It was as tho there was a tracker beam on his bulge. Then he was forcing himself not to. If you look at his eyes (and covering his bulge as well) he would almost look down but would stop. Too funny 

Tom does not look like he's suffering all that much here. Now if Dan decides he "fancies blokes" (I know, he's a dad, it probably won't happen), DLB would have to be jealous because it did look as if Tom wanted to punch his number in Dan's phone.

ahahaha.. that guy with long sleeves look so nervous,,
he must be having a overflowing feelings about leopard.. :)

i love him so much how can i contact him???i am very interested to him.

yum and more yum

Anyone else notice Daley's bulge and cover during the last half of that clip? Bwahaha.

fucking sexy

Visit to see more of Dan in hot underwear :-))

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