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Madonna Performing At The Grammys

We've heard the murmurings, but now we can actually speculate on what's going to go down! Madonna is performing at the Grammys on Sunday, Jan 26!

Entertainment Weekly reports:

It’s official: Madonna will perform at the Grammy Awards.

A Friday news release from The Recording Academy had no other details about the seven-time Grammy winner’s appearance, however, which has been a rumor for some time.

As far as we know, Madge doesn't have any new music out--or coming out before the Grammys unless she pulls a Beyonce!

What do you think is about to go down, Instincters? We know the Grammy Awards love their duets...

Oh! Could we request that she not bring the grill?? No? Okay. 


still better than any of the current pop stars.


stupid MF you will have 55 some day, but you will look like a crap, she looks great

Who ...

lots of people do ! f you !

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