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Heart It Or Hate It: Lance Bass 'Walking On Air' Music Video

Have you seen this yet? Former *NSync member Lance Bass made his return to music with his new collaborative single "Walking On Air" and now we've got the music video! (He's joined by Anise K. and Bella Blue!)

Check it out!

Happy to see Lance back doing his thing? What do you think, Instincters?

Heart it or hate it??



I liked the song.  I didn't care for the video.  It would have been interesting to have heard just the music, then rated it.  Wonder what the response would have been to find out that it was Lance Bass AFTER listening without viewing. 

Lance has officially landed as an Old Queen!!

That face is getting fatter and older by the millisecond!!

Funny how he "came out" at the same time he was attempting to revive his miserable career from the 90's. Didn't work for him, as he is still failing miserably at every single endeavor he attempts.

I agree with "Drew."   Lance Bass did not shine in this song at all.   There was little vocal interest, other than the young lady singing at the beginning.   The opportunity was there, but he just sang the song and "glazed over" the chances to express himself.   The song itself is nice, and dancable...but would I spend money on it?    Just like the new album by Lea way.

iy makes me sad

I like the mideast jive, cool movement.

It's a good dance song however what was his prancing and freestyle dancing about? I thought the prancercise lady might show up!

It cut off... Finally get to support one of our own and we trash the hell out of them! Very sad community we have. 

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It is a sad community we have. For some of the trashing is petty. However. some of it is quite legit. Anyone thinking we should get behind it because it's Lance Bass and we're all gay bring to mind the hashtag I made up on Facebook about everyone saying they couldn't wait for the show "Looking", then annoyed by it after it aired:


So just because you're part of a community doesn't mean you jump on the bandwagon to say what they did was great, or they could do no wrong. For just because he's Black and bi (like myself), I not going to act thrilled by Frank Ocean's music. Because I'm not. So I'm not going to back Lance Bass just because he's a member of the LGBT community. For as one commenter said, it seemed like Lance Bass was thrown in as an after-thought. And I'll add that it's music I have heard a thousand times already within the past few years. So I'm bored by this.


 love how all us gays complain that the public never let's a gay person hit the top of the charts or become an a list actor - we finally have a chance to support one of our 

I'm not completely sure what to think about the new song. I like Lance Bass. The song...obviously a pop/dance song. Seems unoriginal accept he has a somewhat Bollywood vibe in the music, which I like.

the big issue i am seeing here is that anise has already done this exact same song with multiple others including snoop dog, on top of that the music and dancing itself had a bollywood feel to it and seems lance was an after thought to the video.  

I've always been a fan of Lances and this song is no exception.Looking forward to an entire album! Keep it up Lance.

Good to hear his voice back again!  Good tune /vibe and sure the remix versions will bring it home more !  

I Like it.  Give him a chance to do good at first so they'll upgrade his budget for his next video with some Computer graphics

The girl's got it....and I don't mean Miss Bass.  The styling is a-tro-cious!

totally agree with you... the styling and look of the video is really dated! Too bad, it could have been something

can't wait 4 remixes

I really like this song!

For a "back up singer" as Drew calls him, he knocks it out of the park.

WHO styled this..especially him...the suit looks sweet-water cheap and shoes/boots just no-go.  I guess his girlish/fem alignment with the likes of Kathy Griffin takes away from his masculine stage persona to the extent that it looks as if he is "acting" here....the female talent was on point...but as far as Lance.....seems to ring can never turn a pickel back into a cucumber...and with that said...perhaps something more gay friendly would work as his venue...because mainstream...he's not.....sorry...wanted/expected more....unfortunate. 

Even his hair faiils his face in this appears that his face is outgrowing his head with this cut...that is off balanced on his right side.   Pulling it's what it need to dissect it...his TEAM failed him on this effort....even the DJ's styling is on point.  OUCH!

Very nice come back for Lance bass .Marc S. you did a great job producing it

Lance was always a back-up singer to Justin and J.C. just like Chris and Joey.  I'm more impressed with the girl singing actually.

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