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SPOILER: Who's Madonna Performing w/ At The Grammys?

We reported earlier that Madonna would be performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and now we know who with!

Los Angeles Times music writer Gerrick D. Kennedy spilled the dirt.

If you want to know who Madonna will be taking the stage with, scroll on down!!










Interesting choice! We like it.

Can't wait to see what they pull off! What about you, Instincters??


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)


Yes! Better the xerox one. 

Madonna never was a beauty, but MAN is she HIDEOUS to look at now at her old age!!

That ace looks sooo old, lined a freakish!!

Ok all the nay Sayers must be made to understand that there is a reason why she was chosen to perform at the Grammys... Because they want a true performer to ensure the audience is watching and talking about The Grammys!

Ok all the nay Sayers must be made to understand that there is a reason why she was chosen to perform at the Grammys... Because they want a true performer to ensure the audience is watching and talking about The Grammys!

She is, was and always will be the queen like it or not! She made it big without even trying, for all of you making negative remarks about should take a closer look to all the other female artist out there who are just trying to imitate her. Leave mama madonna alone and learn from her! 

Madonnas is the pioneer and has always been introducing the underworld to mainstream homophobic America. Show some respect and know that all of the other artists have been influenced by Madonna at some point in their careers. It is what it is. Stop being brats and appreciate all of these artists. Madonna also was one of the first pop stars to embrace her gay audience.

It has to be said Madonna opened doors for Gaga, Perry, Lambert, some rappers and even inspire lesser talent like Swift. Do we remember Madonna as Maria Antoinette performing Vouge, and yrs later Swift using a lot of imagery for Trouble? Reality a lot of people do not like Madge because she has proven herself to be a important figure not only in music but in business making her own decisions and creating and creating opportunities for her self when no body else would.

I think it's a shame that there are those in our community who don't still respect her or never did have respect or a liking for her and all because of her age and that cliche that once you're of a certain age, you're "done" in music. I saw her show here in Pittsburgh on election night 2012 and was blown away with it's imagery, message and explosion of talent. Let's see you haters have the talent, energy and creative drive that she has when YOU enter your 50's. Go Madge!

Those that do not respect her talent and creativity will never get it! Not to mention how other artist today looked up to her when they were growing up. She is a true original, groudbreaking, one of a kind artist....not many of them around these days!!!

Madonna was and is a part of my many memories when I hear her songs...why someone would discount her impact is beyond my comprehension..unless you lived during this have no concept of her impact and importance for an entire generation...

Best artist of all time Love her

Madonna rules! I love her! She is the only reason I am watching the Grammys!


Haters going to keep hating because they will never experience the massive success and talent that she has! Groundbreaking to say the least! 

trying SO HARD to remain relevant- so sad

Really? The top-earning entertainer of the past year, who also had the biggest tour of 2012 is 'trying to remain relevant'? You should really try and get out from under that rock once in a while.


I agree she is old news.

U up yet?

Can't wait, I don't know why people are so hateful and negative, u don't have to be positive.  But for Gods Sake keep it to urself.  People like u make the world a the mess that it is.   Oh and by the way....Viva Madonna!  WhooHooo! 

She needs to retire!!!!

May YOU rest in peace!!!!

What have you contributed to the world besides being a troll!?

Lame!!!! She needs to perform with Beyoncé!

She performed with Spears and Christina upping their cred. Yes their careers have faltered a little with Brittany saying she might retire after her contract is up and Christina not having a#1 since, but Madge is still going strong. IImaging a performance with La Madge, Perry and Gaga or Pink? Already drowning childrens in my underwear thinking about it.

Woo-hoo! This will be epic.

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