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Marines In Afghanistan Slay w/ Sexy "Greased Lightning" Lip Sync Performance

Well this hands down our favorite thing we've seen this weekend! (And not just for that well choreographed moment that's happens in the top left corner around the 1:00 minute mark). 

Swedish marines in Afghanistan are making the most of their down time and delivering a fantastically conceived and choreographed lip-sync performance of Grease's "Greased Lightning" that has us begging for a remake!

Check out these fun and sexy marines!

We still maintain there's nothing a "lip-sync for your life" battle can't solve!


(H/t: The Gaily Grind)


Just come home safe wherever that might be.


love it

 guys  go on  youtube  search Marines  greased lightning    it's  there    i liked  the lead singer    and muscley   bear  

Note:  Swedish Marines, not U.S. Marines.  Great parody.  You gotta have a sense of humor when you live in hell.

It say Swedish in the article. Where do you see US at?

So many entitlements...and they're dieing for us. FUCK YOU!


boris Zelada fu for takeing this out,,,,and you does not even have copyrigth ....just another terrorist got pulled for copyright issues?? These guys are serving their country and this probably was GREAT for their morale. Thanks (insert sarcasm here) for pulling it greedy holder of the rights. I am sure they would have made ZILLIONS from a lip sync video!

Are you kidding me. On the Rocks remade "bad romance" and these guys can't do this? What about drag queens who lip sync to songs? Does this also mean we can't perform things at talent shows or karaoke due to copyright?

Yeah, really.  Why pull the video?  Dumb?

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