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Disney Channel Gets Its First Gay Couple

The Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie debuted the network's first ever gay characters on a recent episode, characters who also mark the channel's first same-sex couple.

TV Guide reports:

In the storyline, parents Amy and Bob Duncan (Leigh-Allyn Baker and Eric Allan Kramer) set up a playdate for preschooler Charlie (Mia Talerico) and one of her new friends. When the kid arrives, the Duncans learn that Charlie's pal has two moms. That's fine, but the potential new friendship is put to the test as one mom chats with Amy, and the other is stuck listening to Bob's dull stories.

Hate group the American Family Association lofted an email campaign in 2013 when the show's intentions were announced, warning its followers that the characters would “corrupt the children’s network with LGBT content.” The Disney Channel has obviously gone through with the landmark episode, and the sky has not fallen.


It's jus another family. Disney is making it more realistic and relevant to the lives of people of today. Who cares if they are lipstick lesbians, they exist and they have kids just like gay men and butch lesbians. Good job Disney :) 

i have nothing against gay people, everyone should have the right to love who ever they want. BUT WHEN IT COMES to MY CHILD and her childhood thats where i get mad !! Do NOT  go corrupting kids and confusing them at such a young age. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. theirs an age limit for everything and a 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or even a 10 year shoudnt have to be exposed to all this stuff at such a young age. MORE movies less TV now , now a days we have to supervise everything our children watch, how sad. Times are changing hopefully they cancel the rest of the shows. this is not something we should be celebrating!!!!!!!

How exactly is your child being corrupted by watching a gay couple on TV? Are they performing sexual acts, are they doing drugs...I'm curious what exactly are you afraid of? do you think watching a TV show will make your child gay? Or are you afraid he may ask you questions you don't have the answers to? In either case, just because you don't want your child to see it doesn't mean the rest of us don't have the right to watch it. We all have a right to watch an accurate representation of society on TV. If you create a bubble for your child, you are just setting him up for failure, by not giving him the tools and knowledge he needs to succeed in a very diversed and ever changing world.

Why are you on a gay magazine website?!

I have to say this is a little bit funny, because if you really think about it your version of being "pressured into being gay" works with LGBT youth in the opposite way? Do you know how many kids grow up feeling pressured being into heterosexual? We are propagating a culture of hetero-normativity and cis-normativity with almost everything the media produces—how do you think that affects LGBT youth? What you are saying is that the pressurizing of sexuality only works with pressuring straight kids into becoming gay. That's absolutely ridiculous. Regardless of what your child's sexuality may be, it will not be influenced by what they see on television. So many of my gay friends have come out saying that they genuinely thought they were straight, and when they discovered they were not, they felt like they should be. But they realized they were not straight anyway. LGBT youth are mostly the ones being pressured into feeling straight or becoming straight when they are not.

As a child of gay dads, your comment both infuriates and insults me. You say that you have nothing against gay people and then state that they will corrupt and confuse your children. Hopefully you know being gay is not a choice and unless you want your children to grow up ignorant, they need to be educated about the world. My two dads are amazing parents and you are telling me that loving LGBT parents will corrupt your children. That is mean, ignorant, and offensive to the legitimacy of my family and all other LGBT families. Hopefully you learn to teach your children from a young age to respect and appreciate diversity in this world instead of sheltering them from the wonderful families that you are so scared of. 

Emma, I so would rather the Disney Channel educating kids about gay family's.... Then the internet, movies, hateful people on the streets and even you as a parent! What is wrong with you it's 2014? Disney is showing love between 2 humans and their kids! At the same time showing that family's are the same not matter of they are a str-8 parent family or a gay family  They are showing there are all kinds of different family's in this world we live in.. My question to you is what if your kid comes to u and say they are gay! What are u going to say? Because kids are coming out very young because they are being shown its okay to be who they are? Because if you say anything other then its okay and I always love you for who your are! THEN YOU HAVE FAILED AS A PARENT

i would love my child no matter what but i rather have them make their own choice in life then being pressured into things at an early age. LIKE i SAID before i have nothing against gay people bc we have family member whom is gay but they respect people around them and epically children and he agrees with me as well. Yes theirs a lot of hate in the media against you guys and i also dont condone it but we should let kids be kids and grow up being kids instead of them wondering if they might like girls or if they might like boys. Theirs a time for everything in life. We give you guys all the respect a human should have an more bc i know it may not be easy in the crazy world to be different but all im saying is that children should have the respect they deserve and their shows she be left alone and pg

clearly you do have something against gay people and your response just reeks of hypocrisy.

Some kids already have two moms or dads and this is a good way to incorporate families like theirs into TV.   I'm positive it'll be done in good taste and with age appropriate language and themes.   It's also a good way to educate children and parents about this issue.   I applaud Disney for taking ALL families into consideration!!  BRAVO!


I think It's a great idea it lets the kids that know that they are gay know that they aren't alone. I've always known I was gay and thought I was the only one and something was wrong with me. 

Good Luck Charlie" could be the best family show on Disney. It has a certain charm, the family members genuinely like each other and even though it's formulaic, it is a bit more real than many other family shows.

Now, as far as issues are concerned, Disney is for kids and having an agenda is not appropriate. So if a lesbian couple moved next door and the family went into a tizzy and had long discussions of acceptance or we were to discover that the always absent Mr. Dabney (the Duncan family's cranky neighbor) is actually another woman and the family has a crisis over the news, that would not fit the purpose of teh channel. ABC or ABC Family would be a better choice for such a show. From the way the description sounds, it's rather natural and not that provocative, so Disney is dealing with the reality of some of its viewers and life in America in a way that is appropriate for Disney makes a point, and does not preach.

BTW: On another Disney show "Shake It Up" Disney was criticized by family groups for having a rather flamboyant young man as promoting the homosexual agenda. Ironically some gay groups criticized Disney for not having this young man not be openly gay.

Sad day to see homos trying to manipulate our kids to accept their perverse lifestyle as " normal".  It's not - quit pushing your lifestyle choice on children and robbing them of their innocence.  God will hold you accountable one day - count on it.


I must say, it's very interesting to see a comment by a gentleman who is having our "perverse" lifestyle pushed upon him, whilst pushing his lifestyle upon everyone else (hypocrite!!) ....commenting on a story he read in a Gay doth protest too much!! Just saying!!

Are you aware of how insanely hypocritical this comment is?

I am more worried about people with attitudes like you have corrupting children into being a huge bigot asshole. 

When you use a pejorative like "homos" you lose all credibility as a rational human being.

Anytime some twat brings god into conversations like this doesnt even deserve a proper reply. So here you go, you twat. @Haroldsmith - its ok ive accepted that a lot of you generational fag haters will die off soon and the world will be that much of a better place.

I agree you are a twat

You are a twat

Of course it's a lesbian couple. But still.....this is great news and an historical landmark for family networks to portray a new style of family. Now no child will feel left out because of the sex of their parents. 

Of course it has to be a lesbian couple! -.-

And why not lesbians? don't they fight the same battles we do or are gay men the only victims

No one is taking away the plight of lesbians in the struggle for equality. It's just known that it would be lesbians because it's a bit more "socially acceptable" than two guys. Of course people won't like it, but they can deal with looking at it better than 2 men,

Some of the same battles, yes. However, facts are that gay makes are highly more discriminated against, and are also more victims of hate crimes. 

I'm in support of this regardless, obviously. I wish they wouldn't have used two lipstick lesbians though.  Not saying how a lesbian should look, but c'mon, let's be a little more realistic. 

Absolutely, I've noticed in every T.V. show that I've seen that have lesbian couples, both are beautiful, feminine, long-haired women, as if all lesbians are the ones that appear in straight men's fantasies. Just a nod to how our society values the views of straight men the most.

Wonderful news!!! Way to go, Disney! This is a big, BIG benchmark of progress in our society. We're well on our way to raising the first generation of kids who, beyond being homophobic versus gay-friendly, just don't think it's a big deal to be gay. This is called "normalizing," and we've been walking this road for a long time. Cheering for the Disney channel today!

This is fantastic!

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