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SNL Imagines Sochi Olympics' Heterosexual Male Figure Skating Championship

As Russia's ban on being gay in public only intensifies near the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Saturday Night Live imagines what effect the reprehensible law might have on the figure skating championship. Evan Lysacek must be rolling in his grave!




Gotta admit I wondered why Evan  Lysack would be "rolling in is grave" since he is still very much alive, but my guess is that the comment has to do with speculation about Evan and just about every other male figure skater. 

Truthfully, this skit is hysterical.

the 2 commentors up above ???  it's 'tongue-in-cheek'...which is what  SNL does....lighten up...geez....

Uh, Evan Lysacek is still alive. A major injury ended his skating career.

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