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Gay College Student Murdered During Online Hookup w/ Sex Offender

Police in Portage County, Ohio report that a 34-year-old sex offender, John R. Fox, lured 22-year-old college student Justin Earley (pictured, right) to his apartment via an online sex posting, where he then proceeded to murder him.

Back To Stonewall writes:

According to reports, Justin’s friends grew suspicious and filed a missing persons report when he failed to return home after meeting John R. Fox on December 29, via the classifieds section of

Police say Fox also posted a similar ad on Craigslist soliciting men sex to come to his apartment that same day.

Police confirmed that Fox killed Justin and hid his body in a closet, wrapped in a comforter, for 3 weeks.

Fox , has a lengthy criminal history and is being held with no bond pending his arraignment for Justin’s murder on Tuesday in a Portage County courtroom.

Police declined to comment further on the autopsy results, including the cause or manner of death.

Justin Earley’s Facebook page reveals he was a college student and former Youth Leader loved by his family and friends. A few cryptic statuses suggest he may have been going through a breakup at the time.

Very sad. 

Justin's mother, Cindy Parsons is currently seeking support as she attempts to get her son's body home for burial. 


(H/t: Wicked Gay Blog)


I don't agree with todays standards of randomly hooking up. It seems that these days are all about sex and there is no true love anymore. I don't think that many people even know how to love these days and its quite sad. Justin was probably looking to meet a nice guy and instead got murdered for doing so. What a shame it is. Prayers go out to him and his family.

corey s you are so right 

We have got to take responsibility as a culture and stop this kind of behavior ! Im not putting blame on Justin but meeting people on the internet isn't as safe as it once my have been !  People are being murdered through hookups on Grinder and Craigslist !  I can understand where Justin's mind may have been ! I'm just as guilty ! But our society has changed and there are people looking to kill us or hurt us just because we are Gay ! That has always been a threat, It's just a lot easier for them to  do now ! My Prayers go out to Justin and his family ! And guys ...learn to keep your you know what where it belongs ! There are a lot more definitions to safe sex anymore ! Why ad Murder ! 

This is yet another reason why our culture and community needs to move away from the animalistic behaviors like hooking up. Sex is ONLY for when two people are greatly in love, and have dated for many months first. Hooking up is NEVER ok. We are better than our base instincts and can most certainly control our urges. I feel for the poor young man. He should never have had this happen to him. If we would only wake up and realize how wrong such actions are, then we could move forward as a society.

I disagree with this entirely. People get murdered on the street all the time. Hooking up with someone isn't the reason they were killed, the fact that they ran into a psycho is why they were killed. There's absolutely nothing wrong with NSA sex, and people should not be shamed for doing so.

I agree to an extent but why should sex be limited to being just with someone you love ?  I am not active sexually but I also don't have a partner . mainly because i have been ripped off and hurt so many times ! I think I have to be responsible about when i make a choice about sex but it doesn't have to be with  someone I'm married to or am in love with ! That is not required for straight people so why should it be required for me ?

Rest in Peace. This is extremely tragic. Breakups are hard and people do anything to fill a desire that was lost. You are NOT wrong for going on Craigslist. They are wrong for taking a beautiful life from this world.

so true jc

Yeah, A Craigslist hook up is always a great idea !

Kakeboy99 don't be taking things out of context, that's not what they were saying.

God bless this poor man and his family. What a tragedy!

Very sad. My heart goes out to his family ! 

sick ppl, and he was so is a shame

So your saying it would be okay if he was ugly to be murdered but since he was so is a shame

I don't believe they're saying that Kakeboy99. Don't start trolling comments just to get a rise out of someone.

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