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Neo-Nazi Torturer Of LGBT Youth, Maxim Martsinkevich, Now In Custody In Russia

We reported last week that Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the Russian anti-gay Neo-Nazi group Occupy Pedophilia who lured and tortured LGBT teens in Russia, had been arrested in Cuba. 

As of today, he's in custody in Russia following deportation by Cuban authorities.

A spokesperson for the Russian Federal Security services told LGBTQ Nation that Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich, also known by his street nickname “Tesak” (or, the “Cleaver”) arrived at the Russian capital’s Sheremetyevo Airport after a direct flight from Havana, and was immediately detained by Russian law enforcement. 


He is being held on charges of committing a crime under Art. 282 of the Russian Criminal Code – incitement of hatred or enmity and human dignity with violence – in connection with videos that his anti-gay Russian group “Occupy Pedophilia” had posted online.

Martsinkevich faces a sentence of 3 to 5 years in prison if convicted at trial. 

Three to five years seems very light considering the damage he's done. 

(H/T: Joe. My. God. via LGBTQ Nation)


  I just do not see why everyone is making such a big deal over the man. He seems like a real nice guy. Probably toughened them boys up tight.Sounds like a guy like myself.

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I cant believe how evil Russians are, horrible people

I agree, I hope this punk bitch gets fucked in jail and let's see how he likes it.

Russians are evil people..... I HATE RUSSIA>>>>>>FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll bet this guy is full of self -hatred because he has a little tiny dick and he get no sex from anyone!

There's a special place in Hell for his ilk.

I totally  agree he is gay himself.  It has been proven by  testing that men who are homophobic have more gay tendencies than men who arent. They hate it about themselves so they lash out at what they hate to try and make themselves "look" completely straight.  

He should be castrated for his misdeeds and 20 yrs in prison

Ag you f*ckoff!!! People like you is nothing but more worthless than us. For martsinkevich, he must rot in jail!! Someday you homophobes will look up to us very high that you cant even touch us anymore!! Prayers for the victims. :'(((

Just because we cant see u doesn't mean some of you are being read here as real ignorant. These are real ppl,be the victim in the articals and the ppl that comment! Its time that this site starts blocking and editing comments :-/

Calvin Miller - Try learning how to spell first, then you won't look so stupid when you post. *angel*

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Ag y don't you go fuck your mother up the ass ... We all no the dirty slag would love that ...

He should have his nuts ripped off and fed to him....oh, and each of his victims should get at least one blow to wherever he hurt them most! 

ahaha "dudes" are protecting a worthless fag, fuck off :D

It might be nice if Instinct would maybe BLUR THE FACE OF THE VICTIM when reporting this. 

Why blur the face of the  victim in this publication? It wasn't blurred when the  torturer put it all over social media. Its  the   shock of the reality of it   that  caused  the uproar that shamed Russian authorities into   arresting this bastard.  So what's the problem. Just cover your delicate eyes Brian, WE have  work to do .

The victims faces should be blurred out of respect for what they have gone through. These Poor individuals have gone through hell, and deserve some quiet private time to heal. Continually showing their faces does not afford them the respect they deserve. We should continue to fight this man and make him accountable for his crimes, but leave those who have suffered out of the Frey while they heal. Besides these youths live in Russia and continually showing their faces sets them up as targets in their homeland for other hate mongers. The choice of whether they should be the public face for what happened at the hands of this monster, from this point forward is theirs to make, and no one else's.

Good point! Thank you . I agree.

He's definitely gay himself 

My the angle of death find you soon.

Lock this punk asshole up for the max sentence in the worst jail imaginable. Would love to see him be someone's little bitch

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