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Coca-Cola Pulls Homophobic Marketing Gimmick, Apologizes

Coca-Cola's "Share A Coke" marketing ploy got social media buzzing for all the wrong reasons over the weekend, as we reported Monday

The memes inspired by Coke's gay gaffe gimmick has lead to the international behemoth pulling the "Share A Coke" personalization software and issuing an apology

"We are aware that the Share a Coke promotion we are running in South Africa has generated an unintended outcome. We apologise for any offence caused. The Share a Coke programme was created to allow consumers to take the iconic “Coca-Cola” script and replace it with their name on the can. In South Africa, the digital version of the Share a Coke promotion did not properly limit the customisation to individuals’ names. We’ve taken down the site and are in the process of revising the digital tool immediately...As one of the world’s most inclusive brands, we value and celebrate diversity. We have long been a strong supporter of the LGBT community and have advocated for inclusion, equality and diversity through both our policies and practices. Again we apologise for any offense this has caused."

The statement might not be enough for a astoundingly LGBT-friendly (they have a 100 percent on the HRC corporate equality index) company to pull through its next big hurdle without further fracturing its relationship with gays. As a major sponsor of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Coca Cola has been a subject of gay boycotts long before the "Share A Coke" mistake ... and will likely be one long after. Just this week, Coke was axed from receiving an LGBT award due to its involvement with the Russian Olympics

But for now, is this apology enough to get Coca-Cola back in our good gay graces?



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Dear Coca Cola , publicly  and globally tell Putin to shove his anti-gay law up his backside and get rid of  it . Put the rainbow flag on all Coca Cola products  and marketing  items and do it before the games begin and do it regardless of Putins anti-gay law and teach the world to sing  and be in harmony and come out strong and proud all the way through the Olympic games. What is Putin going to do to you? kick you out of his country for respecting  LGBTQI  equal human rights and freedoms?

Nope.  I hear words, but I don't see action.  #boycottSochi

In Ireland over the Xmas holidays, Coca-Cola also showed the LGBTI community their true colors (i.e. non-rainbow).

Except that Gay IS a first name, and a not terribly uncommon one, so this is a LIE.

I believe it was an honest oversight of the technology. They immediately pulled the app when it was brought to their attention...and everyone should know by now that they are LGBT friendly. Besides...rum and pepsi is not only disgusting, it is just plain wrong.

I live in South Africa. Coke had a website app where you could write whatever you wanted on a can of Coca-Cola. Also stores sold thousands of cans and bottles with names on them, like Peter, Thandi, Stephen, ETC.

The campaign did well here in SA. Don't know who was the genius who wrote homophobia on it, maybe it is connected to the Coke Olympics sponsorship in Russia.

Its not enough ... certainly not ,   everybody who works in COKE need to chill the Fuck out  , Jhonny weir is in love and married with a russian man since 2010 ..what would you expect ? ..  I would do it ! a paralel situation .. 

The apology is fine.  What are people expecting, seriously?  The Russia thing will blow over, I'm sure they had contracts long before the anti-gay violence started.  These things are done years in advance.
Johnny Weir pisses me off far more than Coke does!

And...? It's not as though it just suddenly started happening.  Years and years.  And Coke should remember that it sponsored the 1936 Olympics under Paragraph 175, a very similar law, and have pulled out LONG ago.

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